Monday, September 29, 2014

Meimei's first MRT ride!

Brought Meimei for her first MRT ride yesterday morning, despite having only 4 hours of sleep. Becos she refused to go to CCK (already two consecutive weeks), and I've to wake up (very) early to attend to her. And now, even Raeann also refused to go liao. It's okay, I think I shouldn't persuade them to go there anymore. If they're really important to you, you should put in effort to make them stay in your life.

It's perfectly fine to shoulder all the blames, I can't even be bothered to explain to anyone. Becos I've really tried my best, time will tell. I ain't fake, I'm just unable to control and hide my own emotions.

Anyway, Meimei has been asking me to bring her to take MRT. It's good that she likes to take public transports, she must learn not to be lazy.  

Made her walk to the bus stop to take a bus to the MRT station. She said, "but very hot leh", I said "no choice lor, you wanna take MRT right?" And she happily walked out, wearing my sunglass, lidat!

Inside the bus, Meimei was sitting on my lap, and then, I saw a pregnant lady boarded. I taught Meimei that she must give up her seat to pregnant aunties (and elderly), she asked me why, I explained to her. I asked that lady to take our seat, but she said it's okay, she's alighting soon. It's damn weird for me to give up my seat to her actually, cos I'm with a kid too. But I think those people around me were blind, they don't seem to have any reaction. Why huh? Inconsiderate much?

She was sucha good girl yesterday, carried her own wet tissue and water bottle (inside her bag) all the way. Though she wanted me to carry her a few times cos I think she was really very tired and sleepy, but when I said I've no strength liao, she wriggled her way down to walk herself. 

Our lunch, she asked for fish.

Ate by herself, asked for more! I always order one set to share with her. But if Raeann's around, I'll order two kids set and eat their leftovers. Usually, it's left with one heap of mess, lol. 

She saw this monkey and requested to take a photo with it.

She will ask, "mummy, can I buy this (and that)?" But when I say "NO", she will just put it back and follow me. I don't reject them every single time lah, I'll see if there's a need to buy it or not. To me, there's no need to buy them everything they want, just to prove that you love them. I think kids need our presence more than presents. 

Damn funny lor! She suddenly squatted down and talked to "it". I thought what she was doing sia. She said she saw bubble. Hahahahahaha #whyareyoualwayssofunny

Everyone's not born with the ability to handle/pacify kids. You learn, you try, you make mistakes and correct yourself from there. It's about the effort only, whether you want to do it or not. That's why I really hate it when people tell me "I DON'T KNOW HOW", I also don't know what, I wasn't born with that knowledge too. *rolleyes*

If you didn't wish to put in that kind of effort, please ah, stay single, 不要害人!


  1. the three of u will definitely have a better life and your gals are so blessed to have u as their mother. Jiayou jiayou!!!


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