Sunday, September 14, 2014


Omfg, I'm soooooooooo full now!!! Full to the max, till cannot move kind. Just had mookata at home. No, you didn't read it wrong, it's authentic Thai mookata, with the pot; charcoal type somemore, lolol. #somuchwin

With Cheryl around, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. What's next ah? ℓσℓ 

This pot (M size) costs $35 from Golden Mile. It's Cheryl's, not mine. I realised, when it comes to food, Cheryl is extremely hardworking. She can buy and prepare everything herself. I won't be so hardworking loh. I'm not fussy and demanding over food. Like aiya, just eat lah! 

I'll not spend effort to go & think of what to eat. Becos I come from a kampong, a lot of places I never go before & I don't really eat much. But I ℓσνє reading food blogs and find new places to explore. I'm more interested in the ambience & service than the food. 

She also bought a rainbow cake for the kiddos! #verythankful

It's such a blessing to have friends who dote on your kids, don't you think so? I don't have much close friends, but I'm very grateful to have that few, it's more than enough for me! :)

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