Monday, September 1, 2014

My busy & shagged out weekend!

Note: I'm so so so addicted to 美拍 recently, so you would see alot of videos on my IG, FB page and this post! You may find me irritating, but I don't care! Haha

The kids didn't go back on Friday, so I brought them out for dinner and play, at this place! It's located at T1, very very far from my place and it was raining so heavily at Jurong that day. But, becos it's free, no need to spend a single cent, so I brought them there lor. (Must be more cheapskate nowadays liao, cos many things are sucking the blood out of me! Sigh)

Despite playing till so late and shagged out, the two of them woke up damn early the next day! Duhz... Where did all their energy comes from?? So, I brought them out again, in the noon, for lunch and shopping. But I didn't drive, becos I want them to walk and take bus, they are so spoilt and lazy lor. 

Both in good mood sia!

Alright, Meimei has been asking for a makeup set, so Raeann decided to buy it for her as birthday present, using her own savings! This set costs $12.90 only! =)

Damn funny, my vainpot!

ZY came to pick them in the evening and I went out for dinner and drinks after that! Me-time is very very important. One way of loving yourself more! Yes, learn to love yourself more, and be happy! =D

Well, I did sit back and think alot for the past few days, about everything. And I guess, I'm already at a point of no return, I can only move forward. Moreover, I'm really very scare liao, I don't want to waste my time anymore. I'm much much happier now, this is for sure! I thank god for the courage to fight for my own rights, to leave whatever unhappiness behind and move on. 

(ZY is not a bad guy, but our characters doesn't match, our point of views are different and there's no point forcing! 勉强是没有幸福的!) 

And I really hope to seek the understandings from my closed ones, that I do not expect or ask for such things to happen either. Which woman doesn't yearn for a happy marriage?! I'm having a hard time now too. Just becos I asked for a divorce, it's all my fault, no? I've been dragging it for many years. It's time I do something for myself now.

My dinner @ The Pelican!!! (I just realised, I've been living in the kampong for too long, there are sooooo many places in SG I've never been to, before! What the hell right?? I certainly do not wish to spend the rest of my life in such a way!)

And then, wine with twinnie till late! I forgot what time I reached home! LOL

It's sort of standard now, that she will come to my place for dinner and drinks EVERY Sunday. So she msged me on Sunday noon, asking if I wanna go JEM for lunch. It was so last minute, I bathed, changed and went to JEM with her. 顺便 buy back dinner, and it was so impromptu again, we decided to BBQ, lolol. Oh, did I mention that my house was having Lantern Festival celebration at the park too? 

Whole trolley going to explode liao!

(Haha, did anyone see the Power Ranger video on my IG/FB page? LOLOL)

Meimei came back earlier cos she was looking for me. Yes, she's THAT sticky to me. But I don't want the kids to lose their father. I do not want to get them involved, at all. 

We kei kiang bought the ready made portable BBQ pit, it's so fucking small and slowwwwww... Our food took 100 years to cook! I ish cook until very pekchek leh. No more next time!!! Grrrr

I tried to light this up many many many times, but failed cos the wind was too strong!!!

Mommy brought Raeann to play at the park and took all these photos. My friend asked me who is the other girl, I thought it's just a new friend she knew there. But hahaha, ok, she's Meiyi's daughter. I gotta know it after that. And on a 2nd view, she indeed look like her mommy, alot. Been many years since I last saw them...

Anyway, what happened between us, is past. I have my own life and friends, and she has hers, so there isn't any path for us to cross anymore. Everyone will grow up/old. People come and go, this is life! =D


  1. stay brave. :) you can do it. no matter what others say, you own your happiness. i just wish i had the courage. but you go girl..


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