Thursday, September 25, 2014

Perfectionist-ism sucks!

Le' sigh, I really hate myself for being such a perfectionist (my mommy said she's also lidat so I assume I inherited this gene from her), especially when it comes to art work. Often ruining the beauty of already-not-bad pieces, and then, regret!!! 

Those who are following my FB page, would have saw the reward board I handmade from scratch for my kids. Actually, I wanted to do it long ago, but lacks of the mood & motivation. In another word, lazy lah! (I think I need one board for myself too, lol!)

Total cost for making the board is less than $10. I bought the big board (comes in many different colors) at $3, and I cut it into half. 

Marker at $1.60 each but please don't use this, cos it keeps smudging and made me so busy cleaning, wiping and redoing it. (It takes long time to dry up!) 

Then I remembered I've this Little Twin Star decorative tape which I bought long ago but didn't have any chance to use, so I used it to make the lines. 

Well, I measured every columns and lines equally. Drew them with pencil before overlapping them with the silver marker. 

This is not completed yet. I've had a hard time drawing all the words letter by letter using stencil. Becos it smudged!!!

And then, the next day, I realised some of the letters are thinner than the rest, so I made some "amendments" to it, drew it fatter and fatter till it goes out of shape. So it resulted...

I erased (god knows why it can be erased away by eraser!) some of the letters/words away and redo. I was so damn very super upset. Cos it became uglier!!! Jitao moody and can't sleep at night. Urgh!!!

This morning, I erased everything and redo it becos I want them to align neatly. I think I really eat too full. I did halfway and left for LTA (work lah) & lunch and I received a shock when I'm back. I swear I feel like canning my bro. He went to touch and some of the letters smudged!!! So I erased and redo it again! Duhz! =.="

Now, I only need to wrap it up and I shall not touch it AGAIN. Walao eh!!!

Luminous pop up star & present stickers from West Coast Plaza. 5 pieces for $3.90.


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