Monday, September 22, 2014

Q-T pie turns 3!!!

20th Sept - noon, met up with ML; one of my close friend, whom birthday falls on the 19th, for lunch and a mini celebration with the kids. No idea what to eat and where to go, Raeann suddenly popped out with a stack of coupons from Manhattan Fish Market and said she wanna eat there. She dug out her savings and said she wanna treat ML lunch or get her a little cake if her money is not enough. That's how sweet she is, though sometimes very stingy towards her own sister, lol. 

Checked out Manhattan Fish Market outlets and decided to go to the one at Star Vista. Somewhere not too far lah, since we had an initial plan to go for dinner with my aunt and cousins, but who knows they last minute can't make it, I think they just don't want me to waste money. I ish very paiseh lah, cos I didn't do any celebrations for them, yet they received so many presents. Thanks all for the love!!! 

Sidetrack: Did I mention that I trimmed Meimei's fringe myself last week? LOL

Eh, the food, okok only lor.

The kids received presents from her, and I have a share too, my very belated birthday present, lol. That's how long we didn't meet already, becos we are both very busy with our own life. Such a big bag of stuffs, Raeann asked "ML yiyi, how come mummy's one bigger than ours?" Walao, what a question leh!

It feels good to receive (surprise) gifts, regardless the content and price. It's a thought to show that you're not forgotten and people are appreciative of your existence, even when there isn't much communications. Agree?

I prefer men with initiatives, becos I don't like to ask for things. I always think that if someone loves me, he should be observant enough to know what I like/dislike. And I really really can't stand stingy men. #majorturnoff

Ice cream & waffles after lunch, and an impromptu lava cake with one candle for the 3 Sept babies!!! (Raeann insisted paying $10, lol.) I think September is my MOST busy month of the year. I'm so busy celebrating birthdaysss, lol. 

Then, a very impromptu decision to make a trip here - Playful Elves @ West Coast Plaza. Becos we wanted a place where we can sit down and chat and the kids have their own fun. And this place, is honestly quite appropriate. 

Parents can just sit and relax at one corner, and watch out for the kids as well.

It's kinda exp ($20 for 2 hours) and they have no socks ($3/pair), but they were like begging for it (please mummy, please) and becos it's Meimei's birthday (she was like "mummy pls, I can go in myself and I promise I won't cry for mummy ok?), so ok lor! Cannot always go ah, cos the mummy is kinda poor now! :(

Went to pick mom and Bo around 6pm and we went ahead with the dinner plan ourselves lah. Location at Blk 406, Jurong West St 42 - 81 Seafood Restaurant

This is so yumz!!! Seafood fried kway tiao! I've been missing it since yesterday!!!

And the best part, it's not expensive. We ordered about 7 dishes (small one though), 2 rice plus drinks, total bill is $65. It's a newly opened restaurant (few months old) so I assume not many people know about it? Moreover, it's hidden inside, doubt anyone will even notice about it. My cousins brought my mom and sis there once and they recommended it to me de. Worth it lah! 

Of cos she's very happy, so many presents, so many cakes, I want to be a kid (in this era) too.


  1. Hi pretty mummy, here to wish your loving one happy birthday.

    Sidetrack: have been looking for admin job for quite awhile but still in vain. Just wanna ask do you have any admin assistant job to intro since you are like kind of famous? Sorry for being such a thick-skinned here to ask for your help cos I really have tried my best but still no news. Hope you can help me? Some details of me: Stay around Bukit Panjang area. Admin job 5days. Thank you so much in advance. Or do your company need any admin assistant? Wish to see you in real too cos you are really pretty so envy your kids they have such a loving mummy. When I'm a failure mother. Sorry to rant here. Looking forward for your soonest good news/reply. Thank you so much.

    1. Hey, thank you!! Sorry for the late reply.

      Hmm, I'm not famous at all?? LOL But I can help you lookout. Do you have any experience? And your highest qualification? U can email me if you want privacy. :)

  2. Meimei Raechelle getting soooo pretty!! :D

    1. Awww, thank you! She will be so happy to hear this!!!


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