Friday, September 19, 2014

Raechelle's 3rd Birthday ~ Pre-celebration @ Little Learners

Did anyone guessed it correctly? LOL

This cake was a very last minute order, cos I didn't want to order from the shop I ordered for Raeann. And thus, last Saturday, I went online to search thoroughly for "Pororo cake" AGAIN. Fortunately, I found this home baker. And luckily, she still can take in my order. 

Happy birthday my Q-T pie! Please grow up well, healthy and happy.

The cake is quite pretty and surprisingly tasted good. Most of the kids asked for 2nd serving, the teachers were amazed. Not too sweet, quite soft with yummy oreo cream filling. 1.5kg for $67. Ok lah, worth it lor! 

And becos it's good, I'm going to recommend it to everyone here. This is where I ordered the cake from. Anyone interested can contact her through her FB page. #Don'tsayInevershareah

Time to give out her goodie bag!!!

Present from teachers. Her last year in this school liao!

It's so funny that the kids carried the goodie bag and dump their own bag aside. Glad that they like it and they are happy. All my efforts & money didn't go to waste! =D


  1. I want the goodie bag too! So cute! 😍 ~Shirley


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