Monday, September 8, 2014

STGCC 2014

I wasn't there, but I was aware of this toy fair at MBS, but I didn't know they brought Raeann there. So my SIL whatspped me when I was in the market with my mom and Meimei yesterday morning...

Look at my speechless reply, lolol.

That's not all. Cranky Meimei has got one set too; Minion.

One suit costs like $70? I don't know, but it's sucha waste of money. Where and when can they wear it??? #hotdie lor! I asked them to wear everytime the father brings them out. LOLOL

Raeann asked if she can wear it to her student care? Wear to go for lantern walk tonight? I asked her to ask ah ma to go with her, I don't wanna get stomped for nothing leh. "Little Batman & Minion celebrating Lantern Festival at Jurong West". HAHAHAHAHA

And I found someone posting Raeann's photo on her IG. That's funny can! HAHAHAH

She's so proud to be a Superstar hero lor. BTH!!!

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