Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The final closure!


After this issue, I realised there are a lot of redundant kpos in this world. 

I thought that as people grow older, they will be kinder with words and not interfere in other's problems, especially when it comes to family issues. 

Apparently, I was wrong!

There will still be people giving redundant comments (post on FB somemore) without knowing the whole truth. 

I mean, it's not wrong that you side with your own friends/family, it's not wrong either if you encouraged your friends/family to leave if they're not happy. But it's wrong if you started criticising and insulting the other party (publicly), when you're not even close to them, do you know how much they've struggled? So what right have you to comment anything? And what has it gotta do with you? (Just so you know, there's a high possibility of making the situation worse with your redundant and idiotic comments!) 

Everyone's fighting their own battle, be kind please! And if you can't be kind with your words, just shut up, nobody will say you're dumb! Don't be a shit stirrer! 

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