Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Time of the year again...

Just done packing Meimei's birthday goodie bags for her celebration this Friday. Yes, it's one of my favorite thing to do every year, but this year, the mood and feel isn't right leh. Raeann doesn't need to give, Meimei has fewer classmates this year, so I anyhow lah.

Brought Meimei to supermarket yesterday and anyhow grabbed some snacks.

Got these from Hatyai (Lotus) at less than S$1 per box. It's sort of their "branded" there lor. Good quality one. Very cheap hor! Wanna include something whereby the kids can use and keep, then money not wasted mah. So I assume this is a good choice?

Now now, guess the theme for this year??? =D

Hint: Unisex.

I shall keep it a mystery until Friday. Make a guess, and win one of the goodie bag away! (I know it's lame, but it's just for fun lah! If nobody is interested, then I keep it for myself lor! LOL) 


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