Saturday, September 13, 2014

Tricks & treats for birthday Raeann!

My goodness, I was 20x more tired & busy on Raeann's birthday than my own! Totally drained out with blocked nose and sexy voice when I reached home. So I concussed and woke up at such unearthly hour at 4:20am. Blogging now cos I don't know what I can do at such weird hour as I'm totally awake! Thank you very much! Duhz


The kids woke up super early cos they were super excited, I think? 

First greeted by present from Jing, opened it up before I can take photo. 

And disappeared for about an hour or so to do all these by herself! She's a very hands on person & she loves art. But when it comes to study, she can make you vomit quite a lot of blood. 

Met up with PY and Alexis in the noon for lunch & Trick Eye Museum! 

Hard Rock Cafe! The food is so-so only but I totally ℓσνє the service and staffs there! If you're planning to celebrate your birthday, you can do it there.

Present from uncle Kenneth & Alexis! She got her wish, a Frozen storybook! 

Look at this buay paiseh Meimei!!! 

Whole restaurant sang a birthday song for her! Thank you everyone! ^.^


OH WELL! We queued for about 30 minutes, it was so warm and stuffy. Not fun! 

Look at Alexis's cheeky faces!!!

And finally, we got in! Not gonna post ALL the photos becos I think many people have already visited it before and most of the photos are almost the same! 

The only photo of me, PY & Alexis's foot becos hor, we have totally no chance to take any photos of ourselves! We looked sibeh aunty, shagged and sweated out! 


To be very frank, it wasn't enjoyable for the parents. The kids enjoyed it, as you can see from the photos. But we had a hard time taking all the photos for them. It was so crowded, need to q to take photos, can't really find the perfect angle becos we will knock or block others, and we were so damn busy becos the kids hopped from one station to another, without rest. CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW SIAO CHARBORS WE LOOKED LIKE?? #madtired 

Shopped abit at Candylicious before we go home, they were given a $5 budget each, lol. 

Reached home at 6:47pm, rested for awhile and out for dinner again...

The rest of the dishes are nothing fantastic, please do not order their set meal. Actually, only their crabs are good, since they're famous for their crabs.

The cake doesn't taste really good and therefore, I'm not recommending it. I've 2nd thought ordering Meimei's one from them now. It was a last minute order as I've no time to search for it. 

Thank you everyone for all the well wishes, gifts & angbaos, friends who spent time with us & family who made time to go for the dinner. It wasn't any grand celebration, but Raeann was soooooooo happy! Thankful for such splendid, unforgettable & TIRING moments. Hahaha 
Happy 7th Birthday, my dearest girl! Everyone loves you loads. Please be a good girl. 

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