Friday, October 31, 2014

Teddy & Me

Saw this cute little café the other day (about 2 weeks ago actually, lol) when I went to collect my prize from Pazzion (FB contest) at Marina Square... So I decided to have my lunch there, alone! My sis and SIL asked why am I so lonely? Lonely meh? It's good to be alone at times, to enjoy some peace. 

It's Mr Bean themed cafe! 

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Disclaimer: I don't like him becos I don't like single eyelid men. But some of his songs are really not bad! 

Like this old song above, the MTV looks so familiar, becos I've been through such scenarios before. Hahaha! 

My ex bf used to be a "hero". I forgot how many times I've bailed him out before, how many times I've seen him fighting before (cup almost flew across my face once, lol), and how many times I've to send him to & fro hospital and take care of him before? Now I think back, my life used to be quite "exciting" sia. Lol (Scarred for a lifetime and I don't think I'll ever forget about it, scary lor!!!)

He's getting married this coming Dec and I'm genuinely happy for him. We're only friends, nothing but purely friends. (你一定要幸福啊!)

OMG, so many red bombs for the next 2 months!!!

Back to the song... 

The lyrics is so meaningful too, "我们都没有错, 只是忘了怎么退后". 

Hanor, hanor. How many times when we are angry, we forgotten to put down our ego, say and do things to hurt our partner? 

80% of humans are lidat, I think. A r/s can last if one party knows how to give in. And if both parties refused to give in, can #kthxbye liao.

#sotrue #itslife

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

It's not easy...

Can someone teach me how to attain the "live in my own world" power? Whereby, I can ignore all the kids' fight and noise, ignore their needs, ignore everything and just live in my own sweet world?

I just canned the kids. 

I really don't understand why they must fight everyday, over all the stupid things? 

Raeann won a new toy from pasam malam, Meimei kicked it under the bed (no idea is deliberate or accidental). Raeann screamed at her and insisted to kick her stuffs back. 

I need to lecture again. 

Teaching Raeann to do homework, Meimei also want to do, want to sit beside her jiejie to do her own work, Raeann don't allow, screamed at her to go away, Meimei smacked her. 

I need to lecture again. 

Meimei's iPad has no battery. She wanted to borrow her jiejie's one as she's not using. Raeann has another sony given by her good daddy. So I said, one use sony and one use iPad. Raeann refused to lend. They fought. 

(I usually don't allow them to use during weekdays. But cos exam period is over, I allow them to use awhile.) 

I need to lecture again. 

And when they refused to listen, I'll have to take my cane out. 

Nope, it's not fun to cane them and I really dislike it. I'll only cane them when they go overboard. 

They bring me a lot of joys but they bring me an equal amount of angers and frustrations too. 

Mountains of homeworks to clear with Raeann & two always fighting kids, almost everyday. That's my routines everyday after a whole day of work. And it's not tiring? I'm lucky cos I don't have to do housework, wonder how those supermoms cope? 

Boyfriend? How am I able to have one, when my schedule is so packed, so tied down by them? 

Even when I attend any events or dinner, I'll try to rush to pick Meimei and home, to teach spelling or homework. 

So when I thought I finally can rest once a week & have some me-time cos they will go to their dad, they refused to go. And no choice, I've to look after them and plan programs for them. 

I'm selfish? Don't see which part of me is being selfish? Even though I really dislike all the routines I'm doing, I still do becos of one word; responsibilty. 

I too, have plenty of expenses to pay for. My car, Meimei's school fees, Raeann's school & bus fees and etc. So am I not allowed to feel stress, worried and tired? 

Am I not human? Why are people always thinking and saying all those unfair statements that makes me sound like a fucked up and selfish mom/person? (Who is the real selfish one?)

Sorry, I'm not boasting that I'm a very good mom becos I'm still far fetched from it. But it's only so much I can take, as a woman & a princess who don't have to do or worry about a single fuck at all before being a mom. Moreover, I could have a better life, go to Japan and focus on my career. (This is a knot inside my heart which I forever can't let go.)

But why do I want to get married so young & have kids? Doing all my basic duties as a mom? Becos I'm not selfish. When I gave my youth and my entire life to this man, I was hoping that he will take care of me AND our kids forever. But just too bad, becos he doesn't, I've to learn to be strong, and get stronger each day.

Quoting from someone, "人在做, 天在看", уєѕ I totally agreed. God is the only one who knows how much I put in for this family. If I divorced out of my personal interest, I'll not fight for the kids at all.

Life's sucha bitch! If only I can turn back time...

By the way, I hope people can stop dragging my kids or family into any topic (I already said this many many times), becos I'll get really aggressive. Comments like "I pity your kids" is totally redundant. In what way does my kids look pitiful to you? Did I torture or abuse them? Did I not feed or look after them well? Did my kids complain to you about me? So, think twice before commenting.

I ranted on my blog becos it's my blog, my personal space. Of cos, I can don't post about my true feelings, and let people think that I've sucha perfect life, but it will totally defeats my purpose of having a blog, becos it's not the real me anymore.

But one thing for sure, I don't kpkb everyday about every single minor thing. (I know of someone who does it for years already and I'm totally impressed by her. Salute!) Becos I really learn to count my blessings and try to be positive. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hello Malacca!!!

Date: 25th - 26th October 2014

This post will be slightly different, I'll use plenty of photossss to talk about my Malacca road trip, with some captions. (Actually, I'm a little confused over the photos sequence, cos I took them with my lousy camera & iPhone and I took quite some time to sort it out! Why I can take so many photossss in just one day ah? LOL) Afterall, a picture speaks a thousand words, isn't it? So, here it goes...

My bro told me 9am, so I woke up at 7:30am to prepare and ended up waited 1 hour 23 mins for him. Damn molly lor, next time I'll wake up one hour later. His otw = just wake up, reaching soon = just left home, lolol.

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Has anyone experienced this before...

The fear and phobia of starting a new r/s, becos you're scare of wasting time on it and it eventually don't work out?

I am like that now.

And I keep pushing people away. I don't know what to do. I'm in a very confused state now, that's why I need time to sort out my thinking & feelings. There are so many factors to think about. So many till I've no idea which to start thinking first. I can only say... 我的心好累, and it can't afford to break any further.

There's a saying goes, "time will prove everything" and now, I'm waiting for time to prove it to me, and let me see if you're really the one for me. If you're really sincere, I'm sure you will wait... wait till I'm ready. And when I'm ready, I'll let you know, provided you're still there.


Oh, HIIIII, I'm back from Malacca!!! Time passes so fast lor, I want to go again!!! But then hor, I don't know where all my money goes to? I spent about RM600+, but I didn't buy much things, my bag wasn't even filled up!!! I think I spent mostly on FOOD. Le' sigh...

Will blog about the trip when I've the mood. Till then!

Good night, world.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Just being random...

Just done 3/4 packing for my Malacca trip tomorrow, a very impromptu trip planned by my bro on Wednesday. I've been wanting to go there (cos never go before), so it's a rare chance for me, with transport and hotel fully sponsored by my bro (tio forced again, lol). Expenses has been sponsored too! It's a free trip for me! Hahaha, feels good to be loved. Thank you, 谢谢, arigato, kamsahamida to them!

(I forgotten that Cheryl planned a Teppanyaki session on Sunday!!! OMG, so paiseh, I'll rush back from Malacca and rush to her place with the kids! Pattern chut ga liao, now Teppanyaki, what's next again? LOL)

But hor, I haven't been feeling well for the past few days, my tummy bloat and pain like hell!!! I just took some medicine and hopefully, I'll be all well by tomorrow. Else, I'm gonna miss out a lot of good food!!! No way!!!

Thanks to my (ex) BIL and SIL for helping me to send Raeann to her class. (I still need their help one more time cos I've a wedding lunch on Nov 15! Thanks in advance!) As for Meimei, thanks to my aunt for helping.

So, I'm home alone now. And I started to think too much again. I'm thinking... Omg, I suddenly 闪电结婚, and now, I suddenly 闪电离婚, NEXT YEAR CNY HOW??? (Till now, it still feels abit surreal to me!)

I'm sure to be bombarded with PLENTY of questions, confirm + chop. Jialat liao, should I escape by going overseas?

My routines on CNY has been fixed for the past 7 years, so next year will be different too. Maybe I should start jio-ing my friends for mahjong and so we can have marathon mahjong, like the past.

Ѕhit man, why am I thinking and worrying about next year now? Lol

But it's indeed stressful when people don't understand, especially old folks! Even when I explained 500 times, they still won't understand. That's why sometimes, it's better to stay silent, than to waste your breath explaining to people who never wish to listen, becos human only listen to what they want to listen. 
Haiz, 走一步, 看一步吧!

Anyway, I'm onto my 7th set of Invisalign now, was given 8th and 9th set for the next 4 weeks and congrats to me, I'll be almost halfway through liao!

That's very fast!!! OMG

I can literally see and FEEL my teeth shifting becos it's fucking soar and painful. HUR HUR! First 3 days are always hell! But no worries, still able to eat (cos need to remove), unlike braces! Haha

The journey is really amazing, can't wait to see my fucking straight teeth, lol.

And, PLEASE WATCH THIS SPACE cos next week I'll be reviewing something fantastic and GIVING AWAY one set of what I've reviewed to one lucky reader. I should say it's the best giveaway on my blog till date. So excited thinking about it now!!!

O'rite, I need to knock out now. Happy weekend, everyone! =D

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Gallop Stable @ Punggol Ranch

Happy Deepawali everyone! How did you guys spend your public holiday?? 

We spent it with horses and ponies!! =D Brought the kids to Gallop Stable @ Punggol Ranch located at 900 Punggol Road. (I'd suggest you to use GPS, lol!)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Why need a man?

When you have wine, food and a BSF like her?

Few days later...

Her mind is all about food, lol.

In fact, most of the delicious food is she brought me to eat one. When it comes to food, ask Cheryl, LOL!

We have come a long way, since our FTMS (dip in accountancy) days, when I was 17-18. And the best part is, many people said we look alike (but we don't think so), so she's my twinnie!!! Our life indeed have plenty of similarities lor! We'll get out of those shits together!!! 

Walao, I actually did a video (completed liao lor, tmd) but Window Movie Maker died on me before I can save!!! It's so frustrating, I'm so angry!!! I even edited it nicely, with this song lor...

Just to let her know... "When the whole world's gone, you won't be alone, cause I'll be there... You have my shoulder to cry on, I'll be there, I'll be the one to rely on." I know I sound very les here, but it's my heartfelt thoughts. (Sorry, I think this MTV is crap, but I need the lyrics so bo bian, lol!)

Thank you for being there during my down-est time. We grew up together, and now, we shall grow old together. Let's drink more wine!!! Hahaha 

Just like any other relationships, you need to put in effort in friendship too. There's no need to contact or communicate with each other everyday, but just be there when she needs you and it's more than enough. 

Friends who are there for you during your down times, are friends worth keeping, becos they're those that truly love you for who you are. Have you found yours yet? =)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Timbre @ Gillman

Here's another place to recommend to you guys, which I really like it too. But becos it's my first time there, and I wasn't the driver, so I don't know the exact location of this place. Somewhere near Alexandra, I think? (Please go google!)

Started drinking (only white) wine lately, not becos I wanna act atas but becos beer gives me headache! =( But this wine, tsk, I don't really like it. My favorite is still "Mosquito" lah, cos it's sweet! 

Truffle fries!

Chicken wings!

What I like about this place is that they have a liveband and we're allowed to do SMS dedications. I requested for two songs, but they only sang one! =( Maybe they don't know how to sing "When I was your man" by Bruno Mars!!!

So niceeee!!! (I get very emo when I listen to this song!)

What kind of dedication is this ah? Must state lidat then they sing lor!

This is Raeann's favorite song! (She intro-ed it to me!)

And they finally sang this song for me, lol.

A little busier recently, with events, adverts and reviews. (It's good, then I don't have time to think too much, lol.) Went to places I've never been to before (yes, in SG), and met more people. Mum and aunt have been a great help with the kids, thank you so much! =D

Sunday, October 19, 2014



This naughty girl, I really ish buay tahan her. Like what I posted on my FB yesterday, I honestly think that she comes to my life to 讨债!!! 

And yet, nobody can get angry with her for long!!! She has her own ways (make monkey faces, talk and do silly things) to make people laugh. She's so funny, I can't even. 

But her temper and character is so much like me, I'm like seeing myself in her. Lol! Especially her 吃软不吃硬 attitude, woohoo, exactly like me! But 我输了, cos I need to give way and pacify her in order to calm her down. And she's probably the one and only person I'll give way to, when it's not my fault. *raise white flag*

My face when people tell me that girls are easier to handle... Well, confirm not mine!!! Especially Meimei, she's a BIG challenge in my life!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Happy moments!

Zen's gf; 晶晶, she has the same name as my SIL. She just came back to SG last week and she asked to gather. (I also want to pass her her birthday gift!) So we planned a meet up yesterday, but quite a few last minute didn't make it. 

Anyway, we NEVER ask "whose going" etc de, those who can make it then go lor. Becos even when it's only 3-4 of us, we will still have plenty of fun and laughter. 

I've to FORCE stupid Kok to take photos with me, he's superstar, bo bian. He said he watched me grow up and I watched him grow old. It's true!!! Damn, he still look the same lor! (12 long years already!) 

The first question I asked him when he reached was, "are you drunk yet? Cos when you drunk, you will become very loh soh." Lolol 

Eh no, I didn't apply any lipstick, my lips naturally become red after drinking. 

Kok looks so engrossed, and Zen looks damn stress!!! Omg, this photo is super funny. LOLOL

Last night was some "killing chicken" competition, hahahah! We dedicated a lot of high pitch and unfamiliar songs, and screamed our lungs out. All very familiar liao, so it doesn't matter lah!

Then hor, a guy came to ask for my number, "do you mind giving me your number?" I replied, "I MIND". Then he seemed to be pissed off, lol. I don't anyhow give my number to anyone, nor anyhow add people on FB, so don't even try. I may look stupid, but I'm not 随便. 

And AHEM, I've an announcement to make! This guy, his name is Justin (the one who bought me a cake for my birthday despite being very sick, thank you), 31 years old, HE IS SINGLE AND AVAILABLE, anyone interested??? 

He's tall (1.8?), slender, very nice, and mad funny. Holds a stable job & income and is very hardworking. He's looking for a gf, I promised to intro nice girls to him. Everytime I posted his photo, it will be very 轰动, many people will comment that he's handsome etc. Haha! HE IS LAH! More handsome now, as compared to the past. 

Love going out with this clique of old friends, becos they really take care of me like their little sister. If I drive, they won't allow me to drink too much and made me "ta" lime juice or plain water at the end. I was very sober last night! 

(I treated all my friends the same, regardless of genders, no special treatment or whatsoever. If you're nice to me, then I'll be nice to you too!) 

I know there will be people out there thinking, why as a mother of two already, still go out to drink & play? 

Is there a law that a mom can't do that? Not as if I go out everyday what. I love to sing, that's why I go KTV pub, but I don't club anymore. Didn't step into a club for a long time liao.

Everyone has their own way to de-stress, you cannot stop someone from singing, just becos you dislike to sing?

And to me, it doesn't matter where you go or what you do, not at home means not at home what! What's the difference between going KTV pub till 2am and going billiard till 2am? #justanexample

Most importantly, no matter what you do, you need to put your family as your top priority. If you want to go out till late, make sure you can wake up early to attend to your kids. And not dump them to others becos you're tired from your late night. 

I dare to say this loud, becos I don't do that. And I'll always think for them first before doing anything/going out.

In my opinion, as long as you do your job, play your role, it's okay to take some time off once in awhile and do something you like. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

A beauty blogger...

Stocked up some necessities from Watsons yesterday. Nope, there wasn't any sales going on, but I saved $20 in total! (Actually, I could have save more, but haiz, it's okay!) It's a promotion for HSBC credit card and Caltex. The lady is very nice to help me spilt into 5 bills!!!

Anyway, Watsons are having offer for some of the products, so it's quite worth already. Not sure if it's available in all the Watsons island wide or only the one I went though. (I went to the one at Railway mall btw!) 

Like this one, $7.95 each, usual price is $13.90 each. 

I bought 2-3 new products to try too, becos it's too tempting. Maybe this is the reason why I can be a beauty blogger. Haa! All cheap cheap lah, less than $16 each!!!

I was searching for toner and I saw the words "fights spots, fades marks", that's why I choose this. I got a few dark spots on my face recently! No idea why, they just refused to go away lor!!! I honestly hope that this won't cause me any breakouts or side effects! *keeping my fingers crossed*

Becos sunblock is very very important. If you haven start applying sunblock daily, you better start now. I've tried various brands of sunblock and they worked fine. Therefore I assume, brand is not that important? Most importantly, you must like it. 

And this, omg, the most impressive product I bought this time round. I've never doubt Himalaya before, that's why I put this into the basket without a second thought. (If I didn't remember wrongly, this costs $11.30!) 

Apply it on your (clean) whole face and neck, peel it off after 10-15 mins when it dries up (you can feel the tightness). It literally smells like cucumber, and it's very sticky. 

Face feels really smooth after peeling but the peeling process is kinda painful. Do remember to bun/clip your hair neatly and don't apply too near to hairline. Otherwise, you will pull out your hair too, like this...

Hahaha! So gross! As for those areas that are difficult to peel off, what I do is, I took a cotton pad, dap with water and clean off gently. 

I'm not one who will spend a large amount on skincare products, becos my face is kinda sensitive and many products doesn't suit me. 

Even though it's quite tempting when I heard people raving about it. But I'll still think again and again and again before buying. 

Mr Berlin Singapore


Date: 15th October 2014, Wednesday
Location: 1 Shenton Way, #01-09, Singapore 068803

I'm one German fans (due to WC, haha, other than that, I must confess, I don't know much about them, oops!) and I mad love sausages! And thus, I was really excited when I received the invite from Carlene, to a media tasting session at Mr Berlin, to celebrate their grand opening!

So, what's Mr Berlin? 

It's a German restaurant/bistro/cafe (I honestly have no idea what you call that?) located at One Shenton (1 Shenton Way, #01-09, Singapore 068803) that serves the most famous and iconic street food of Berlin - German currywrust!!!

I extracted these from their website, don't need to thank me, you're welcome! According to Josephine, currywurst is very very popular in Germany, you can find it at every corner of every street there. Glad that I learnt something new again, even though I've not been there before. But it's one of my dream country to explore. 

This is Josephine; the Sales & Marketing manager of Mr Berlin. She's a German. Does all German ladies look like a model? Tall, slim, slender and pretty. (I secretly think that she looks like Mario Gotez's model gf, lol!) And she's crazily nice and friendly. (Nice to meet you Josephine, if you happened to read this!)

Sausages go well with wine or beer, have you tried it before? If you're working around there, you can pop by for your quick breakfast or lunch fix, or ask a few colleagues for a short chilling session after work.

Their prices are very competitive. A glass of red/white wine at only $9.50, in CBD area, which is inexpensive, in my opinion. 

They had this Grand Opening promotion (which I posted on both my FB and page) on that day, currywurst are sold at 10 cent from 12-2pm and beer at $1 from 6-8pm. And wow, the crowds were overwhelming.

And guys out there, you're in for a good deal on every Wednesday. Instead of the common Ladies Night everywhere, they have Guys Night Out whereby you get a free beer with any currywurst dish.

You may like to check out their FB page for any further promotions.

Now now, I'm gonna post photos of some of their yummylicious dishes. But my apology, the photos I took don't do any justice to it, becos of my lousy camera, and maybe, my lousy skill.

These are the very famous original German currywurst. The key of this dish is the sauce, which is freshly made daily. You may choose the amount of spiciness for your sauce (refer to the photo below).  

Every Mr Berlin Currywurst has a taste so unique cos they crafted it with so much care using their own German recipe! Mr Berlin’s curry sauce is also homemade from a recipe by an original "Berliner".

I personally prefer "Break the Wall" becos I'm too used to taking very spicy food. To me, it's still okay, not so spicy. But to those who can't take any spiciness at all, you will find it spicy. LOL

This is also very good, cheese sausage! 

Top up your sausages with a side, you can choose...

Their classic fries "red/white"

OR, their freshly baked daily Organic bread roll. This is addictive!!! It goes very well with the sauce. Yum yum! I suddenly miss it now. How now brown cow?!

You should also try their Curry fries "special". 

Mr Berlin mascot! He deliberately come out to take photos with me, so I must post!!! Thank you so much for the invite, I enjoyed myself very much! ^.^

*Post a photo of yourself with Mr Berlin or a photo of yourself enjoying their currywurst and hashtag #MrBerlinSG and stand to win all-expense paid party for you and 5 friends at Mr Berlin.