Friday, October 17, 2014

A beauty blogger...

Stocked up some necessities from Watsons yesterday. Nope, there wasn't any sales going on, but I saved $20 in total! (Actually, I could have save more, but haiz, it's okay!) It's a promotion for HSBC credit card and Caltex. The lady is very nice to help me spilt into 5 bills!!!

Anyway, Watsons are having offer for some of the products, so it's quite worth already. Not sure if it's available in all the Watsons island wide or only the one I went though. (I went to the one at Railway mall btw!) 

Like this one, $7.95 each, usual price is $13.90 each. 

I bought 2-3 new products to try too, becos it's too tempting. Maybe this is the reason why I can be a beauty blogger. Haa! All cheap cheap lah, less than $16 each!!!

I was searching for toner and I saw the words "fights spots, fades marks", that's why I choose this. I got a few dark spots on my face recently! No idea why, they just refused to go away lor!!! I honestly hope that this won't cause me any breakouts or side effects! *keeping my fingers crossed*

Becos sunblock is very very important. If you haven start applying sunblock daily, you better start now. I've tried various brands of sunblock and they worked fine. Therefore I assume, brand is not that important? Most importantly, you must like it. 

And this, omg, the most impressive product I bought this time round. I've never doubt Himalaya before, that's why I put this into the basket without a second thought. (If I didn't remember wrongly, this costs $11.30!) 

Apply it on your (clean) whole face and neck, peel it off after 10-15 mins when it dries up (you can feel the tightness). It literally smells like cucumber, and it's very sticky. 

Face feels really smooth after peeling but the peeling process is kinda painful. Do remember to bun/clip your hair neatly and don't apply too near to hairline. Otherwise, you will pull out your hair too, like this...

Hahaha! So gross! As for those areas that are difficult to peel off, what I do is, I took a cotton pad, dap with water and clean off gently. 

I'm not one who will spend a large amount on skincare products, becos my face is kinda sensitive and many products doesn't suit me. 

Even though it's quite tempting when I heard people raving about it. But I'll still think again and again and again before buying. 

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