Sunday, October 5, 2014

Best Sisters Forever

Created a new hash tag, #BSF, which stands for Best Sisters Forever. Mainly becos BFF is too mainstream.

And they are no others than them. Grateful for their existences in my life! =) 

Fatty char siew with minimal meat! 

My must order whenever I've dim sum - fried beancurd skin roll.

Cheryl's fried rice - not very nice! 


They introduced us to this stewed siew mai instead of the usual steam one. I prefer this! 

No idea what durian dessert! 

Had our late lunch at Paradise Pavilion, then went to LeVeL33 to chill becos I suddenly misses that place again...

My suaku sis ordered this, which tasted like cough syrup, she said. She never failed to order those weird drinks, that looks good but tasted sucks. 

Had two pints then we went to ECP to tabao SOME food home... And THESE are what we bought! Hahaha

Omg, the portions are for about 8 people can. SCARY!!! But it isn't a wise choice to tabao there becos it's so damn crowded, very difficult to find parking lot, and had to wait quite long for the food. 

Really wondered how my sis survived eating together with Cheryl everyday, since they're working together now. Hahaha! 

Anyway, we're going for a 1N staycation this coming Friday!! At Hard Rock Hotel cos it's my cousin's birthday! My mommy booked it cos RWS offered free for her! But I'll be going only at night, after Raeann comes back from school! 

And I don't think I've mentioned about it before, I'm going to HK in November, booked during August. My first solo flight, I'll be meeting Jane there though! (She helped me to book everything, I only need to pay her $500 for return air tickets & 6D5N stay at Grand Hyatt Hotel!) But now, HK is in a messy state. Hope it will be ok by Nov, else I'll just join them to protest lor, lolol. 

Planning to go Borocay next year!!! And next up, will be Maldives & Paris! Dream places! I must go there at least once, before I die! Anyone wanna be my travel kaki? =D

I need, want, must buy a new camera!!! Is there any contest I can join to win one semi pro? Haha! Or can I send my wishlist to Santa Claus too??


  1. Enjoy your upcoming trip in HK. Boracay, I also wanna go read a few review say its good place and also it's so nice.. Very recommend !! Hope I can go next year around march(birthday month) or some time later the year :)

    1. Thank you!! Yah yah, I went to research about Borocay, omg, sucha beautiful place, I must visit it one day!!!


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