Thursday, October 2, 2014


Before the kids went to bed just now, we had a short discussion of how we wanna reno/decorate our new house.


1) Master bedroom - where the kids will sleep with me till they're ready to sleep on their own.

2) Kids' room - where they will use it as study room first. Well, I insisted that they should share a room becos I feel that they will be closer this way. Sisters what, nothing to be embarrassed about. I used to envy those sisters (on TV) sharing a room and chat heart to heart before they sleep. That's why. 

3) Glamour room - where I'll make shelves and racks to keep our clothes, bags and shoes. I told them we can share the stuffs, provided I don't grow fat and they don't out size me, lol! 

However, this is just a dream of how we wish our house to be. It's not easy! 

Actually, it's a very brave decision for me to buy over the house, cos ALL my CPF (about $78k) will be wiped out. Hopefully, I don't have to fork out anymore cash! Becos based on my salary alone, I won't be able to get high loan! Which is why I hesitated keeping it at first, and if it's not for the kids, I'll not even bother to keep it. Becos I can still stay with my parents comfortably, free of stress and worries. (So, please don't think that I took over the house out of personal gain, cos I gained nothing out of it at all, except empty CPF & bank accounts, stress & worries!) 

Furthermore, the house is completely EMPTY, no floor & door too. I honestly have no idea how much will the reno cost? I can't think now, mind's too empty to think of anything. 

It's okay, I promised the kids that I'll slowly save up and reno it, till a house we call it home. A home has to be very cozy, filled with warmth and laughter. I'll try my best to achieve that! Maybe I should go & join 摆家乐 lah, lolol!

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