Sunday, October 19, 2014



This naughty girl, I really ish buay tahan her. Like what I posted on my FB yesterday, I honestly think that she comes to my life to 讨债!!! 

And yet, nobody can get angry with her for long!!! She has her own ways (make monkey faces, talk and do silly things) to make people laugh. She's so funny, I can't even. 

But her temper and character is so much like me, I'm like seeing myself in her. Lol! Especially her 吃软不吃硬 attitude, woohoo, exactly like me! But 我输了, cos I need to give way and pacify her in order to calm her down. And she's probably the one and only person I'll give way to, when it's not my fault. *raise white flag*

My face when people tell me that girls are easier to handle... Well, confirm not mine!!! Especially Meimei, she's a BIG challenge in my life!

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