Thursday, October 30, 2014


Disclaimer: I don't like him becos I don't like single eyelid men. But some of his songs are really not bad! 

Like this old song above, the MTV looks so familiar, becos I've been through such scenarios before. Hahaha! 

My ex bf used to be a "hero". I forgot how many times I've bailed him out before, how many times I've seen him fighting before (cup almost flew across my face once, lol), and how many times I've to send him to & fro hospital and take care of him before? Now I think back, my life used to be quite "exciting" sia. Lol (Scarred for a lifetime and I don't think I'll ever forget about it, scary lor!!!)

He's getting married this coming Dec and I'm genuinely happy for him. We're only friends, nothing but purely friends. (你一定要幸福啊!)

OMG, so many red bombs for the next 2 months!!!

Back to the song... 

The lyrics is so meaningful too, "我们都没有错, 只是忘了怎么退后". 

Hanor, hanor. How many times when we are angry, we forgotten to put down our ego, say and do things to hurt our partner? 

80% of humans are lidat, I think. A r/s can last if one party knows how to give in. And if both parties refused to give in, can #kthxbye liao.

#sotrue #itslife

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