Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Can money buy happiness?

The answer can be yes or no, it solely depends on how you look at it and what kind of happiness you're seeking for.

If I'm one very very poor person, having to worry about my kids' meals and educations everyday, ahhhh, yes, money definitely can buy me happiness.

But I'm not, you're not too. (If you're able to read this, how poor can you be?)

I'm not rich, I cannot afford a Birkin, I cannot afford to change a new car, I cannot afford alot of things. But I'm not unhappy with my life ah.

Of cos, having extra money is a bonus, then I can buy whatever I like. But if I've to sacrifice my family for it, thanks but no thanks!

I'm happy with a 4 rooms flat, happy with driving my Swift & happy with eating simple food everyday. We will just do/buy whatever we can afford.

Like now, becos of my new flat (additional expenses), I told Raeann that I cannot afford to buy her Pasta Mania every week liao. That's why I came up with the reward board idea, whereby if they get 20 stars, I'll reward them with Pasta Mania (or a small gift). They're very happy and excited about it.

You don't need alot of money to make people happy, especially children. During lunch just now, I deliberately went to Popular to get a Children's Day gift for them. (Do you get what I meant by effort?)

And each costs $7.90 ($7.10 after member discount) only!!! Cheap right??? Wrapped them up already, can't wait to see their happy faces tonight!!! =D

I asked Raeann last night, in future if she earns alot of money, will she abandon or neglect me? She said no, becos I spend alot of time with them now, so she will do the same to me when she grows up. Well, I won't know about the future, but listen liao also happy right?

Both my girls love me very much, and to me, this is happiness.

But I do believe that it's all in a cycle. What you do to your kids when they're young, they will do the same to you when you're old, becos they're being brought up and educated in such a way. For example, if you think that you're being a good parent by only paying some of their monthly expenses (that gives you the privilege of not doing anything else), good luck to you then. Don't ever complain if your kids give you some money and ask you to 自己保重 in future ok?

You have to work, I've to work, most people have to work. But please do not becos of work (or friends) neglect those waiting for you at home. Also, tired is not an excuse not to spend time with your family. Who the hell is not tired from working?! It's how you set your own priority and how you manage your own time.

If you wanna go out after work or play games/watch dramas till wee hours, then you've no right to complain tired, at all. Becos you deserved it, nobody's stopping you from sleeping early. Which is why when I go out, I'll still wake up very early to attend to them. This is one basic responsibility of a parent. If you can't even do that, how can you define yourself as a good parent?  


  1. Hi pretty mummy, I like it. You're so right. "It's all in a cycle. What you do to your kids when they're young, they will do the same to you when you're old, becos they're being brought up and educated in such a way." Since the day I acknowledge I have to work for everything that I need/ want even when i'm just a teen. My mom just hack care like I never her only when it come to money she will think of me or just a free labour to do all the housechores. Since teen I had been working to pay off my sch fee and things. When back from work still have to do all the housechores that left in the kitchen before I have time to clear my homework and bath, sleep and wake up for tmr schooling.
    When I never stay with her anymore. I can see the difference more clearly, every chores are shared with my sibling but mostly is her doing. Why she treat me and sibling are so different? I even suspect am I her? I still will find time go back to see her and my sibling but never she will feel appreciate at all never mind but what i hate is she just want to have free meal from me is not i never want to treat her but is everytime. I know i shouldn't be calculate with her but she is like too much I dunno how to explain. When I see my mobile appear her name is money time, the 1st thing she say is why haven't give her house money in a voice as if i own her. Never a caring word at all when she seldom see me. Never she will ask how am I doing etc..? So impossible. But my sibling dunno how I feel at all. Cos they are shower with mom's love when I have none. Can't blame me for being in this way right?
    Even when i got married, she took all the hongbaos away without asking and when we asked her, she say is her right. And left us to clear off the debts. I pity the man that married me so i never blame him at all for so dislike her. Cos i totally can understand the feeling.

    Everybody says when yourself being a mom you will understand how it feel? Yes I am already but I still can't figure why she treat me this way? Morning rush I always running with time but I still make effort to bring my kid to school. Even though I'm not rich but I still make the effort that you say buy thing to let them be happy. Ya effort is what we parent do let the kid see but why can't I see her effort at all? Yes she also have effort in rushing me for money. That is all I see from her. Can't blame me for hate her so much since young till now right? People will say I'm so much better cos i've a mom but if this type of mom then I prefer i have none. Should i envy those without mom. At least their thinking of mom is great mom love right?

    Sorry to rant here. I really have nobody to talk to. I always envy ppl with friends/bff to rant to but none for me. To me only work and home for my kid. I'll never let my kid experience what I go thru cos is such a miserable feeling that nobody understands. Sorry for being annoying here. Thank you for your time if you reading it, if not is ok. I understand. Thanks and sorry.

    1. Hihi,

      No worries, you can rant all you want here, I'll read every single word you type. Fully understand that you only need a listening ear. =D


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