Monday, October 13, 2014



Do you believe in repaying debts from past life?

I think I believe.

Was discussing about this topic with my mom on our way home. 

No matter how flirt, how bad or how lousy a man is, he will "die" in one woman's hand. 

He's bad to you doesn't mean he's a bad person, it just meant that you're unable to handle him, you owed him something in your past life and you're repaying your debts now.

And probably, he will have to pay his debts to the next woman he met. 

Likewise, it applies to women too. 

It's true, I'm unable to handle him, and I've accepted the fact that he don't love me anymore, that's why I choose to let go.

Hello?? May I know who owe me debts in my past life, can you come and pay me back now??? Hahaha

Told my mom to help me take care of the kids, I'm flying to Taiwan soon, to look for Show Lo!!! Lolol

Then Bo said, "please hor, look for a rich man next, so even if he treats you like shit, just take money from him!"

My reply, "huh? Show Lo not rich enough mah? He's damn rich U know? Handsome somemore!"


Maybe, I'm fated to be alone for the rest of my life. I'll not start another r/s until I'm 200% sure that he's the one. And, no married men please, I don't wish to break up other's family.

Anyway, I went to HDB hub today! Most likely, I'll have to give up the flat. Which is also a better choice? Else someone keep saying that he GAVE me the flat (as if I need not pay him back and pay for the flat), like doing me a great favor. Thanks leh!

How come some people only look at the surface and never think deeper har? I've calculated, I'll probably have to top up about $35k cash to HDB, at one shot, after wiping out all my CPF. What about all the additional monthly expenses after collecting the keys? And renovations? Furnitures? All free? Don't see what can I gain from this flat, at all?

I mean, I'm already struggling hard to keep the flat, for the kids' sake. And if I can't, it's not becos I'm selfish & I didn't think for the kids, but I've already tried my best! 

(Please stop all the 风凉话 like "giving me the flat", becos you didn't give it to me, I'll have to pay back every single cent to you. What have you lost? Please define "give"?)

Really is buay tahan. 

Do you know how to find out if a man really loves you? 

Make everything turns very ugly. 

If he really loves you, he will try ways and means to get you back. If he don't, all his ugly sides and shitty attitudes will show. 

By the way, I've found an ID friend whom is so willing to help me. Knew him more than 10 years but never meet him before. Can't remember how I know him liao? ℓσℓ 

Told him that I've very very low budget and he said he will try his best to help me. PY and Kenneth also said they can help me. Really leh, 患难见真情! 

Edited: 10:26pm

OMFG, guess what just happened?

Meimei vomited on the bed, blanket and herself. And the amazing part? She went back to sleep, with disgusting residues all over her. Duhz

Meimei ah meimei, why are you so weird? Want you to sleep, don't sleep. Not the right time to sleep, sleep till so deep.

Had a hard time bathing her (cos she continued sleeping & it's mad funny), washing the heavy comforter, towels, her clothes and cleaning the bed. Seek for my mom's help, thank god she's around!

If we're still together, I think I'll explode again. Like, WHERE THE FUCK IS HE?? WHY IS HE FOREVER NOT AROUND WHEN I NEED HIM THE MOST??

And the best part? He would come back around 2am, act like nothing happened. Probably happily say HELLO to me if he disturbed me up. That's him!


  1. Babe, personally i would advice you to give up the flat now and re-apply one under single parent so that you don't need to fork out too much cash and also when you have save up enough money for renovation. And also don't have to stand his nonsense or listen to his "great sacrifice "too.^^ Jan

    1. Hanor, that's what I thought of initially. But haiz... Long story.

    2. Babe, think positive! Let it out, Maybe some of us can give you some suggestions. Better to stay and draw clear lines with him. Jan

  2. have to agree with wad u say, everything become ugly, and it will show.


    JIAYOU AC! ;)


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