Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Gallop Stable @ Punggol Ranch

Happy Deepawali everyone! How did you guys spend your public holiday?? 

We spent it with horses and ponies!! =D Brought the kids to Gallop Stable @ Punggol Ranch located at 900 Punggol Road. (I'd suggest you to use GPS, lol!)

I suggested bringing the kids out together with their father and he obliged. Well, it's becos Meimei is drifting very far apart from her dad now, and without me, she will not go. So he will just tag along until she's okay, then I'll leave it to him. I hope she will get used to it soonnnnnn... 

Cos it's kinda awkward as we have our own life now, and we have nothing to talk about (I think he felt the same way too), but no choice, all for the kids' sake, as they shouldn't get involved in it, at all. So, I hope his current/future gf can understand, that we're doing it for the kids only. We didn't talk at all. (Actually, when we were together, we didn't really talk much too.) 

Well, I can bring the kids out alone or with my friends, but Meimei will eventually forget about him as time goes by, which is unfair to him. (I mean, it's not difficult for me to start a new r/s, and bring the kids along, but I choose not to!) Therefore, if he's willing to put in effort, I'm willing to help. (Not sure if I'm doing the right thing not, cos it will be harder for me to move on.)

The kids were mad happy, even though it's only for few hours, so I think it's worth it. But I'm not very happy leh! Cos I dropped my one and only favourite Gucci Sunglass, which I protected it like a gem, and it ended up with holes and scratches now. *cry out loud*

You'll be surprised, those white houses are chalets!!!

This girl is really daring, I take my hat off her.

Horse/pony ride @ $10 per pax for less than 10 mins. No idea what's the minimum age required, but Meimei is 3 years old, and she can do it very well. Feeding @ $2 per pack.

In my opinion, it's an "once a lifetime" experience, like "at least I've ridden a horse before". But then, it's not wise to do it more than once cos you'll get really bored. By the way, there's a restaurant there too. I'll go back there again, to try out their food! :)

It's been quite a long time since we spent time together lidat. And I honestly have no idea how the kids really feel inside them. But kids; they deserved to be happy only. Wait till they are settled, and I'm settled with my own feeling, then I'll be ready to commit into another r/s. Meanwhile, just enjoy being single lor. It's not that bad actually!

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