Saturday, October 18, 2014

Happy moments!

Zen's gf; 晶晶, she has the same name as my SIL. She just came back to SG last week and she asked to gather. (I also want to pass her her birthday gift!) So we planned a meet up yesterday, but quite a few last minute didn't make it. 

Anyway, we NEVER ask "whose going" etc de, those who can make it then go lor. Becos even when it's only 3-4 of us, we will still have plenty of fun and laughter. 

I've to FORCE stupid Kok to take photos with me, he's superstar, bo bian. He said he watched me grow up and I watched him grow old. It's true!!! Damn, he still look the same lor! (12 long years already!) 

The first question I asked him when he reached was, "are you drunk yet? Cos when you drunk, you will become very loh soh." Lolol 

Eh no, I didn't apply any lipstick, my lips naturally become red after drinking. 

Kok looks so engrossed, and Zen looks damn stress!!! Omg, this photo is super funny. LOLOL

Last night was some "killing chicken" competition, hahahah! We dedicated a lot of high pitch and unfamiliar songs, and screamed our lungs out. All very familiar liao, so it doesn't matter lah!

Then hor, a guy came to ask for my number, "do you mind giving me your number?" I replied, "I MIND". Then he seemed to be pissed off, lol. I don't anyhow give my number to anyone, nor anyhow add people on FB, so don't even try. I may look stupid, but I'm not 随便. 

And AHEM, I've an announcement to make! This guy, his name is Justin (the one who bought me a cake for my birthday despite being very sick, thank you), 31 years old, HE IS SINGLE AND AVAILABLE, anyone interested??? 

He's tall (1.8?), slender, very nice, and mad funny. Holds a stable job & income and is very hardworking. He's looking for a gf, I promised to intro nice girls to him. Everytime I posted his photo, it will be very 轰动, many people will comment that he's handsome etc. Haha! HE IS LAH! More handsome now, as compared to the past. 

Love going out with this clique of old friends, becos they really take care of me like their little sister. If I drive, they won't allow me to drink too much and made me "ta" lime juice or plain water at the end. I was very sober last night! 

(I treated all my friends the same, regardless of genders, no special treatment or whatsoever. If you're nice to me, then I'll be nice to you too!) 

I know there will be people out there thinking, why as a mother of two already, still go out to drink & play? 

Is there a law that a mom can't do that? Not as if I go out everyday what. I love to sing, that's why I go KTV pub, but I don't club anymore. Didn't step into a club for a long time liao.

Everyone has their own way to de-stress, you cannot stop someone from singing, just becos you dislike to sing?

And to me, it doesn't matter where you go or what you do, not at home means not at home what! What's the difference between going KTV pub till 2am and going billiard till 2am? #justanexample

Most importantly, no matter what you do, you need to put your family as your top priority. If you want to go out till late, make sure you can wake up early to attend to your kids. And not dump them to others becos you're tired from your late night. 

I dare to say this loud, becos I don't do that. And I'll always think for them first before doing anything/going out.

In my opinion, as long as you do your job, play your role, it's okay to take some time off once in awhile and do something you like. 

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