Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hello Malacca!!!

Date: 25th - 26th October 2014

This post will be slightly different, I'll use plenty of photossss to talk about my Malacca road trip, with some captions. (Actually, I'm a little confused over the photos sequence, cos I took them with my lousy camera & iPhone and I took quite some time to sort it out! Why I can take so many photossss in just one day ah? LOL) Afterall, a picture speaks a thousand words, isn't it? So, here it goes...

My bro told me 9am, so I woke up at 7:30am to prepare and ended up waited 1 hour 23 mins for him. Damn molly lor, next time I'll wake up one hour later. His otw = just wake up, reaching soon = just left home, lolol.

Happy Birthday, Jer!

My sis loves sheep!

The ride was kinda smooth but there was a little jam when we reached Malacca.

Next time must remember to book this hotel, cos it's the most convenient one.

We trained our jay walking there. Crossed this scary road with never ending flow of cars quite a few times to get to & fro the shopping malls area. Luckily didn't bring the kids along cos I don't know how to cross with them.

Meimei's current FAVORITE cartoon, and yes, it's Malay. I wondered how she can even understand Malay and laugh along lor. All the stuffs are so expensive, I bought each a bottle of drinks, and Meimei's damn happy liao. She's easily contented, unlike Raeann. 

My bro made us walk under the hot sun for 30 mins just to search for the "very nice" chicken rice ball. It was already 3+pm, and we haven't eat yet. No energy liao still gotta walk, under hot sun somemore. Best part was, he forgot where's the place!!! All he remembered was "a red building". But OMG, most of the buildings are in red, lolol. 

Here's Malacca's most famous - Jonker Street.

And we finally found it, but sold out liao! :(

Ended up eating here!

This place look like an inn. 

But frankly speaking, it's not nice.

Time to shop!!!!

Fried durian!

I honestly think that my sis's sunglasses is hilarious.


They went for foot massage, and I washed my hair (so that I need not wash and blow at night, shiok!). I've this habit of washing my hair at salon when I'm overseas. Cos it's damn tiring to blow-dry hair before sleeping. 

The night market will starts around 5:30pm - 6pm.

This is yummy!!! 

Then, we took a cab to Portuguese Settlement to have seafood for dinner.

But this place is damn damn damn scary. The moment we got down the cab, we were being surrounded by many many people. And we were asked to "pick a number". There are 10 restaurants there and they go by number. HOW TO KNOW WHICH NUMBER IS GOOD SIA? 

I ignored ALL of them and said we will go and see ourselves. 

My bro anyhow picked number 3...

And it honestly SUCKS. Don't choose number 3, both food and service sucks. And we were guessing that number 2 is the best cos they were more crowded. So, remember ah, number 2! (Note to self too!)

We saw people putting 孔明灯 and we joined in the fun too. Very cheap nia, RM3 each.

My sis literally drew and decorated the whole side.

It's my FIRST time putting it, and I hope all my wishes come true. HUAT AH!!!
(Crazy over this song now!)

Took a cab back to hotel to take a break and actually intended to go down for party! But all ended up VERY nua and we went to bed early. LOL!!! What a waste! It's okay, we will go again, with mommy and the kids next time!!! 

First time see hotel provide bolster, lol. But it's kinda smelly.

Woke up and nua till around 12pm, checked out and went to search for A&W. Jerlyn and me were craving for it soooooooooo much. Why A&W has to close down in SG?? :( I remembered visiting the one at Clementi, very very often when I was in sec school. Like, at least once a week!

After walking 3875284 miles, we finally found it.

RM100 worth of A&W. We actually have 8 glasses of root beer float but we asked them to give us 6, cos don't wanna waste mah! And guess what? 4 of us finished EVERYTHING. Don't know how we managed, hahahahahaha!

You've been missed, so much!!!

Actually, it's very easy to drive to Malacca, about 2 hours drive only! We went by Tuas checkpoint & the jam wasn't that bad. And my, I really ℓσνє that place! I want to go back there again! But must remember to slap more sunblock cos the weather is really a killer, more humid than SG lor!

One day is definitely NOT ENOUGH!!! We didn't even complete Jonker Street! Nvm, there will still be next time!!! =D

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