Friday, October 10, 2014

It's a beautiful day...

And I can't stop myself from smiling.
If we're drinking then I'm buying,
and I know there's no denying.

Oh yeah, I went to buy "Mosquito" just now, becos I'm going to 1N staycation later!!! (I haven pack yet!) My mommy's funny lah, she said (on whatsapp), "then you ask Cheryl come hotel tonight". I replied, "for wad". Her reply, "to drink with you". I think she's still worried about me. Should I find someone better to ease her mind? LOL (I think she will kill me instead!) 

Anyway, I saw this bunch of beautiful, real, fresh rainbow roses at the supermarket and I knew I need to have em'. I've this special love for flowers lately. I don't know why, they managed to cheer me up and brightens up my gloomy day. I used to think flowers are a waste of money, but now, ok leh, probably becos I didn't receive any for the past many years, haha. Also maybe becos I'm a lady now, not a girl anymore. 

Aren't they lovely? =)

My room's gonna be filled up with flowerssssss. Last Friday, I received one bouquet from a mysterious person... (I knew who is that person already! Haha! Thanks ah!) 

The florist called when I was on the way home, I really really got a shock (and smiling to myself, haha). She kept emphasizing that she can't reveal who is the sender (but I didn't ask? LOL). She said, "maybe it's from your secret admirer". LOLOL 

No matter who the sender is, it feels really good to receive such a surprise. Guys reading this, you know what to do huh! Whether is your wife, gf, or just someone you like (secretly or openly), I swear, flowers will put on a beautiful smile on your lady. And it's a lie when they said they don't like it, or it's a waste of money. O'rite, maybe they do feel this way, BUT, they will still smile upon receiving it, even if it's just a stalk. Com'on, don't be a woodblock anymore! 

Talking about flowers, there used to be one woodblock banker wooing me when I was erm, 21? I can't remember. But he's those very quiet type. And when we go out, it's all my "noise", all he did was, smile and stare at me, lol. I felt really really uneasy then. Like walao, thirsty leh, I've to keep talking, hahahahaha! 

But one day, he brought me out, and when we reached, he surprised me with one huge bouquet of roses from his car boot. OMFG, so he isn't that woodblock afterall, haha. We didn't end up together lah, cos I'm quite stubborn when it comes to love and r/s. There must be chemistry and I need to feel comfortable when I'm with that person. If not, I'll probably not meet him after the 2nd or 3rd dates (I'm talking about 1-1 date here, not group outing!).  

In this case ah, I think I'll have to talk die me if we ended up together. Maybe I'll still be talking when I lie inside the coffin. Wahahahahahahahaha

Then you know, I think FB is really amazing! That day, I saw him on "People you may know" when we've no link nor a single mutual friend at all. I think he's still single? Haha! Doing very well now, I'm happy for him. Regret or not? Hmm, abit lor, if not I can be a semi taitai now. (Me and Bo analysed, he should be earning about 15K per month now! LOL) Le' sigh! Haha #justkidding lah! Everything's fated.

Very abrupt ending here, have a nice weekend everyone! 


  1. Hi babe, omg your mummy is so cute awwww so envy. Even when you have grow up till adult and now even a mummy of 2 cuties, she still care abt you so much.

    I always envy people with their loving mummy's love but I never experience it as i grow up. Till now I've my own family and I still make effort to go back when I'm not working but she only care abt the money. everytime when I'm back she will only shout and said still haven't give her household money cos i've to wait for my pay in and free time to go back. Why she seldom or never see me for so long the very 1st word from her is always money? Really suspect she's not my mother or how I wish I've no mother if this type I prefer to be motherless child, at least i still have a mindset that mother's love is the greatest when people say abt it but for me I'll never approve, this sentence is shit. I know nobody will really understand the feeling only when they really experience.

    Sorry to rant here. I really need someone to listen/advise to me but nobody at all. Thank and Sorry.

    1. Don't worry lah, you can rant all you want here. I understand the feeling of no one to talk to. Maybe that's why I blog, talk to my blog, blog is my bestest friend, lol.

  2. Since you're married do you still need to give your mother's allowance money? If yes, if there're anything occured that you late give her, will she give you bad temper like shout "Haven't give me money arh? Yes she will. I'm married and have my own family so whenever i'm not working i'll bring my kid over but the 1st thing she said/shout to me is "Haven't give me money arh?" Make me hate going back. She's working too even I late give her it doesn't make any diff in her daily life. When I married that day she already took all hongbaos and left us with debts and now still want me to give her money for her daily allowance, worst is all my sibling agree with this and say i should give cos i'm her daughter but do she regards me as one? I doubt it since i'm young. My sibling they will never understand/know my feeling, even i tell them they also never really feel cos they never experience what i go through. Since i married i also drift apart with them. Left with hubby and my kid but he more worse no need say men all the same shit. Cos she took all hongbaos he still mind it say if not me he will still have the saving blah blah. When we quarrel he just bring it up and he said now is me paying him back the debts how can he let me go when i still in debt? All bcos of her i'm in debt with this man. When starting he is not like this but after how she took all the $$. He changed to a diff man. I never blame him at all cos i know it all.
    At least your man agree with divorce. Mine over his dead body. So perhaps I just wish I'm dead cos that is the day I'm free. When will the day come I praying hard for it. Lol me.

    Sorry always rant to you and here. If you don't like just tell me straight I'll go ok? Thank alots.

    1. Hihi, sorry for the late reply, cos I was to busy to read the comments.

      Walao, your mum really typical leh, why ah? I did give my mom allowance for a period of time but she has never ever ask it from me before. Even if I don't give now, she's still helping me out with the kids' expenses (like helping me to buy diapers sometimes). That's why I always think that my mommy is the best, and in my next life, I want to be her daughter again.

      For my marriage, I guess we have already 走到镜头, that's why we have to divorce. Both of us will only suffer if we get back together. Becos there are too much unhappiness & scars already. And both of us refused to give way anymore.


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