Saturday, October 4, 2014

Moving on...

So damn true, can't agree more! This explained the "struggle" I mentioned in my previous post. And it haven't include those nasty words & attitudes thrown at you and the good-old-grandmother advice "Please think for the kids!" from everyone around you. (Okay, I'm guilty of this too!)
That's why I refused to talk about it, I kept silent all the way, and struggled deep inside myself! When people brought up the topic, I kept quiet. Fingers are always pointed at the one who initiates, why didn't they think of the reasons that pushed me to do it? People will never understand what you're going through, unless they are you.
It's precisely becos of the kids, else I won't be struggling. At that point of time, I was unsure if I've made the right choice, I don't know how will the kids accept and adapt to it. Thank god, so far so good!

Life is more or less the same for us. Becos all along, I've been handling them alone, so it doesn't really make any difference for me, and them. Tired? Yes, of cos. But they're growing up way too fast, I want to cherish every moments with them. I'm really thankful for all the helps and supports given.
If you ask me if there's any regret, hmm, no. I don't regret marrying him, neither do I regret leaving him. The only thing I regret is the time lost, but it's okay, I believe God has better plans for me!!! Right now, I only want to focus on my kids, I hope they will grow up well and happy.
When you managed to find inner peace within yourself, it means that you have already let go of all the negative vibes inside you. I think I managed to do it already. Anyway, I do not have any plan for myself yet, I don't even have time to think about it. But if someone comes along the way, I'll just let nature take it's course. Don't think I'll have the time or chance to meet anyone new though, lol. Moreover, all the good ones are taken already, hahaha. Nvm lah, I'm prepared to be alone anyway.
P/S: I hope everyone reading this will find their inner peace and happiness one day! =)

Love this song! Very nice!

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