Friday, October 31, 2014

Teddy & Me

Saw this cute little café the other day (about 2 weeks ago actually, lol) when I went to collect my prize from Pazzion (FB contest) at Marina Square... So I decided to have my lunch there, alone! My sis and SIL asked why am I so lonely? Lonely meh? It's good to be alone at times, to enjoy some peace. 

It's Mr Bean themed cafe! 

You get to watch Mr Bean movies while enjoying your food. So it's definitely a kids-friendly environment. Kids like TV worm Raeann will ℓσνє this place, for sure. And I've already promised to bring them there once they hit 50 stars, Raeann got it already! 

Used to watch a lot of Mr Bean when I was young. Don't see he siao siao lidat, he's a very educated man and he has a beautiful daughter irl.

Those bears are available for sale!

Their menu are quite limited though. 

Nothing fanciful except for their most popular rainbow crepe cake which is small and expensive at $8.80/piece and $98/whole. Well, it tastes good, but not really worth it. My first time eating crepe cake though, so I can't be a good judge! 

Packed some crepe cakes home for the family to try. 
Their takeaway cups/boxes so damn cute can!

And since they refused to go to her daddy's again, I'm gonna plan a fantastic weekend for them. But first, I need to clear Raeann's e-learning with her, and all her written homework. And bring Meimei to her new school's orientation on Saturday morning. Then probably to Teddy & Me, and after that rush back to west side for Raeann's enrichment class. Then bring them for dinner. And either to Playful Elves (Indoor playground) or a swim on Sunday late noon. OMG... So busy!!! 

Edited: 1st November 2014

As promised, brought the kids to Teddy & Me after Meimei's orientation today, as their 50 stars reward. 

So-so only. 吃多会怕 becos too thick already! 

Their waffles + ice cream damn good!!! #yummyinmytummy

The kids were damn happy and tired. Another long day tomorrow, gonna bring the kids to the beach. I can keep bringing them out, no problem. Becos I've a lot of plans in mind for them. If not, I'll google lor, what's so difficult? Takes effort only mah. Selfish person like me has only my kids in mind. That's why I'm selfish. It's okay. 

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