Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Trust & Respect!

In life, you need to learn how to trust & respect your loved ones, especially your own spouse. Becos when you don't, you're making life difficult not only for him/her, but for yourself too. You live in fears and insecurities, while he/she lives in heartbreaks and frustrations. 

You don't trust him/her, you suspected everything he/do she, and insisted he/she did, based on your own imaginations & theories (unless you have evidences), even when he/she said no. People will get sick and tired of your nonsense one day. And who to blame? The one who started everything? Or the one who ends everything? If only you learned how to trust him/her... 

Anyway, I had an almost 3 hours lunch today, lolol. Cos someone brought me to Amoy Street Food Centre to try this very special and inexpensive noodle, with another (new) girlfriend; Joc, a very nice and friendly lady! 

Hereby let me introduce...

In my opinion, this is totally worth the price and queue, $5.50 only!!! Very unique lah, you won't get to eat it anywhere else. Wanton mee in ramen style! But try to avoid lunch crowds, cos really kinda hard to find a seat. (You will see alot of tissue packs and newpapers chop seats, lol!) 

After lunch, Joc said there's a Chocolate shop nearby that sells fabulous cookies!!! So we went to search for it...

44 Amoy Street


I haven't try yet, but looks good. Saving it for tonight to share with the two kiddies. 

This song nice leh!!!

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