Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Why need a man?

When you have wine, food and a BSF like her?

Few days later...

Her mind is all about food, lol.

In fact, most of the delicious food is she brought me to eat one. When it comes to food, ask Cheryl, LOL!

We have come a long way, since our FTMS (dip in accountancy) days, when I was 17-18. And the best part is, many people said we look alike (but we don't think so), so she's my twinnie!!! Our life indeed have plenty of similarities lor! We'll get out of those shits together!!! 

Walao, I actually did a video (completed liao lor, tmd) but Window Movie Maker died on me before I can save!!! It's so frustrating, I'm so angry!!! I even edited it nicely, with this song lor...

Just to let her know... "When the whole world's gone, you won't be alone, cause I'll be there... You have my shoulder to cry on, I'll be there, I'll be the one to rely on." I know I sound very les here, but it's my heartfelt thoughts. (Sorry, I think this MTV is crap, but I need the lyrics so bo bian, lol!)

Thank you for being there during my down-est time. We grew up together, and now, we shall grow old together. Let's drink more wine!!! Hahaha 

Just like any other relationships, you need to put in effort in friendship too. There's no need to contact or communicate with each other everyday, but just be there when she needs you and it's more than enough. 

Friends who are there for you during your down times, are friends worth keeping, becos they're those that truly love you for who you are. Have you found yours yet? =)

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