Friday, October 3, 2014

Yearly Hush Puppies Warehouse Sales

Hey hi, it's me again. Back to blogging daily now becos I've no life once again, except work and kids lor. Actually, Cheryl asked me out tonight, but I can't cos nobody look after the kids, so I asked her to come my house instead.

The two rascals are with me now, in my office!!! Cannot concentrate on work, so I blog lor! Brought Meimei to the Warehouse Sales just now... Raeann refused to go cos she refused to walk, gosh, she's wise, cos the sun, omfg, scary.

In my opinion ah, it's not very cheap leh. But somehow, when you're there, you just have to buy something. Hahaha, I don't know why!!! Issit just me??? Maybe I've a shopping disease, lol.  

Spent $60.30 to get all these and two ugly kid's wallets for them, nothing for myself. I've been reminding myself not to buy anymore clothes for them, becos their wardrobe has already exploded. But I always failed. Then I'll always give myself this excuse, "buy it for CNY next year", lolol. (Thank god I only have two daughters! Haha) But come to think of it, I didn't buy any clothes for them for few months le. Since I just got my pay, OK DE LAH!

Okay, bringing them out for lunch now. 

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