Thursday, November 6, 2014

1 Altitude

Have been catching up with many old friends recently. They said I "disappeared" after I got married. Уєѕ, indeed. I cut off ALOT of contacts, mainly becos I've no time to go out.

So I met up with an old uncle steward friend last week. He's the one who bought me big & small bags of presents (people gave 1 present, he gave 10, lol) on my 21st birthday. Time flies!

(I think I was quite harsh towards him that time becos no feeling means no feeling what. 感觉很重要 leh!!! Bobo knows it best, she keep saying I'm very zek ark! LOL) 

We suddenly decided to meet becos I saw his mom last week, while sending my bro's car for inspection at Vicom. (Everyone simply asked me to send for them cos I've been going so damn often till I know many people there. Special service & treatment!) 

So his mom told him about it and asked him "why she so pretty, you didn't tackle her?" Hahahah! And his reply, "she's too high maintainance lah". WTF HAHA

And she got a shock when he told her I already have two kids! Hmm...

Okay, he brought me to 1 Altitude becos I've never been there before. 

Anyway, I asked him this question that night, "are you a gay now?" Hahahaha becos I honestly think that he looked like one and he's not married yet (late 30's liao). He always say I'm too straight forward for my own good. I don't act nor pretend to be someone I'm not.

That's one of my weakness cos some people will hate me for the way I am. But I simply can't be bothered. You can don't like me, you can even hate me, but please do not accuse me or pretend to be nice to me then stab me at my back. Just go away, leave me alone. I don't need any hypocrites in my life.

(Sorry, I'm not afraid to lose any "fake" friends. People who know me, know what kind of person I am. If you don't like me, too bad then, I won't change myself to please you. And if you don't know me, please do not use your "ears" to understand me.) 

It's god damn high at 65 storey! (So scare that I'll drop my phone down when I took this photo cos my hands were trembling, lol) Do not go if you've 惧高症. Everything's good about that place EXCEPT for its very lousy reception. I wonder if it's my phone or service provider?? My phone can totally lost all the connection, machiam go into airplane mode sia. 

Uncle used to be a photographer, that's why he likes to take photo. Hahaha we gum key leh.

Oh yeah, it was Halloween night, so I got the chance to experience this! I've never been to any Halloween party before, what a noob hor?

And that night, I reached home to this...

24 + 12

My friends and sis were guessing and speculating, maybe XXX? maybe YYY? LOL! This time round, I honestly have no idea who sent this. 

But he (or maybe a she?) got my address totally wrong. I'm not staying at Crescent ah!!! Unit number also wrong. (The only thing he got it right is my HP number!) I think the delivery man quite pekchek when he called me, LOLOL.

Anyway, thank you very much. This really came a shock, but yeah, it did makes me smile. 谢谢!

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