Monday, November 3, 2014


All of us were so busy and worn out over last weekend, we concussed before 10:30pm last night. The kids had plenty of fun, and they were sooooooooo happy. Thanks Cheryl for organizing this BBQ at ECP, it's much more interesting than our usual BBQ at home. The weather was so nice, so windy, so relax!

Seriously not lying when I said my kids are happy kids, they're having all the childhood fun they needed. Do you know, you have no right to say/judge anyone, especially when you can't even deal with half of what she/he is dealing with? And it's plain rubbish to say that kids stick to mother more. If I didn't do my job at all since they're born, will they even look for me, let alone stick to me like leeches?

Bo looked so grumpy, lol.

The prawns are so huge and yummy!!!

I asked Mary to cook rice and brought it along, becos kids need rice mah. Aiya, only selfish people like me will think so much. And I'm glad I brought. Everyone was like, "WAH GOT RICE AH", like hello, who will bring rice to bbq one? Me lor. 

Xuan told me this is baby durian. It really looks like one.

Everyone's so nice to help me look after and play with the kids, so I can eat in peace! :)

This is very good leh. Golden mushroom + garlic + plenty of butter. YUMMY!!!
(Tip: It goes damn well with white rice!!!)

This is so good too, with the black pre-packed cod fish sauce.

Haha, lobster soup which sucks!

I don't like oyster.

LOL, some internal jokes and all of us laughed like crazy.

Actually, it's very nice to travel from west to east to do such crazy thing once in a blue moon. The kids keep saying that they wanna go again. Okok, soon. (Btw, WCP got bbq pit or not huh???)

This coming weekend; Alexis's birthday and probably bringing them to movie (Raeann saw the trailer and asked me to bring her to watch) on Sunday. Our life suddenly become so busy and so packed with programs. 

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