Wednesday, November 12, 2014


我的心 被你懸在 到不了的天際
想念 瀰漫著空氣 快不能呼吸

一個人 背著幸福練習 擁抱 卻沒有力氣
你穿過 我的身體 回頭 卻來不及

我的心 被雨困在 揮不去的記憶
眼淚 蒸發了思緒 不讓我看清

兩個人 變成一種或許 等待 也顯得多餘
這份愛 早就已經麻痺 再痛也沒關係


Bo gey liao, lol.

Went to my bro's new house the other day, they hosted a dinner for us as they've officially shifted in that day. So, I finally know how it feels to have a house of our own. I told the kids I might have to give up our house, if I've to top up too much cash. They were very disappointed, especially Raeann. She said, "Can you don't give it up please? You can use all the money in my bank. You don't have to buy us nice bed, we will share one bed with you."

My tears rolled down uncontrollably.

I told her, "okay, mummy will go and borrow bank loan or whatever, to keep it."

One of the reasons why I didn't wish to give up is becos it holds alot of memories. How many times we balloted (6 times to be exact), how much time and effort I put in to prepare all the documents & etc. This flat didn't come easy.

On our way home, I deliberately drove past our new house, to show the kids where issit. Seems like it's all done, and about to collect keys very soon. Mine will be on hold till next year though.

我能, 我行, 我可以!!!


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