Monday, November 17, 2014

Busy, really busy!

Why am I not excited for this coming HK trip ah? I seemed not excited for anything now. I only know I'm damn busy.

With kids; the same old routines except that they have been following me to work. Glad that they didn't really disturb me. 

But it's kinda pekchek when you reach home after a long day of work, but you can't rest becos you have to keep nagging and scolding and packing the mess they created. (I just threw away their stuffs becos I packed many times and yet they keep messing it!) 

With work; becos I've to clear everything before leaving. Then I can enjoy in peace.

With family; I finally get the chance to meet my ℓil' nephew today!!! 

Too cute!!! Welcome to our family, Anders boy. I know you're so excited to meet us, that's why you came out about one month earlier. Heehee

Babies; so small and tiny, best creation and gift from God, ever. I ℓσνє ℓσνє ℓσνє babies. I got consider to become confinement nanny before leh. Hahahaha! Okay, if I'm jobless, then I'll try! Babies only, not toddlers, not kids. Watching them really brightens up my day! 

Brought Meimei to shop for a gift for Anders on Sunday noon. Walked the whole Vivo and finally found this...

With friends; attended pork's wedding on Saturday noon and met a lot of old friends. Didn't see them for years already! By right, the past me will be so excited, cos meet old friends mah, wanna dress up nicely. But then, no leh, I didn't even think of what to wear, just anyhow pull out a black dress from wardrobe. Black = safest.

They're still the same though, funny and full of patterns. The tweety bird story never die, after like 16 years, lolol. Plenty of birthdays, weddings & baby showers these two months!!! 

Catch up with PY at Wine Company after the wedding. It feels so good to just sit down, relax and talk. (Thanks for the treat girl. My turn next! ^.^) 

Becos everytime we meet, are usually with the kids. And we will be too busy nagging and watching the kids till we don't even have time to sit down properly. Woes of a single mom, she understands me best. 

(These sums up my weekend!) 
I just went to change HKD today. And I haven't start packing anything yet. Borrowed a huge luggage from Cheryl, it's so big, more than half of my body. I wondered if I can carry not? Lol

I didn't plan any itinerary, I'll just leave it to the other two ladies. Oh, did I mention that Cheryl will be joining us on the 23rd? 

And they're so excited cos they keep msging me! Jane is very familiar with HK so she will bring me around. Cheryl said she will source for nice food to eat. (Food again, lol!)
Okay, need to nag again. Till then.

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