Monday, November 10, 2014

Doraemon Expo + KSL City Mall

HAHAHAHA, my phone camera has been replaced, and I'm damn happy. Before that, I was really pekchek + emo (PMS plays a part too), becos I had to bring the DLG camera out and it made my bag sooooo damn heavy.

(But I still decided to get a new phone cos this phone is very old already, need to be replaced before it goes crazy! Better be safe than sorry!) 

Becos we brought the kids to Doraemon Expo at City Square JB. Unfortunately, there's nothing much there, things are very expensive (I can easily get them in Hatyai, so much cheaper too!), so it's quite a waste of time!

But well, that's not the main motive, so it doesn't matter. The kids had lotsa fun, and hmm... Let's not mention about the rest, cos I don't feel like talking about it. 

People said I'm bias becos I'm always taking photos with Meimei only. But it's really not the case leh. Becos this girl, just like her father, dislike taking photos, she will run away. If not, she will deliberately make ugly shitty face. (Sorry, but I don't post every single photo I took, becos I find it stupid when some of them look almost the same! I dislike looking at similar ѕнιт, so I won't do that to others too!)

Purple + blue highlights this time round. It's sort of "can see cannot see" though, so if I don't say, it's not obvious. 

My phone camera lost its focus! Which explains why all the (main cam) photos turned out blur. #pekchektothemaxok 

People who dislike taking photos will never understand how I feel. Every moments and photos contain bitter sweet memories. 

10 years down the road, I'm sure I'll be glad to keep all of them. I always tell my mom & friends, if I happened to die earlier than them, please put my hard disk and all my photos into my coffin. Becos, 

1) I don't want them to feel sad looking at my photos. 
2) I want to bring all the memories away with me. 

Lolol!!! #emotionalismygreatestenemy 

This is the only photo taken at KSL, after my camera is replaced. RM100 for replacement, no idea is cheap or expensive lah. 

I wish for this each and everyday.
I hope everyone around me will be happy too! :) 

This song made me sob like crazy now! :`(

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