Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Home sweet home!

On the flight home now... Time passes extremely fast when you're on holiday. I didn't have time to blog cos I was too busy shopping and eating, especially after food/shopping queen Cheryl reached there, ℓσℓ. Sleep also not enough lor, we walked more than 12 hours everyday. My poor legs...

(I did something damn stupid. I brought along the huge ass camera and it's charger, but I forgot to bring memory card!!! Luckily my phone has 128gb now. YAY!)

I really made FULL use of my 6 days in HK. Went to many many places, ate so many nice/popular food. Discovered some things too:-

  • Things and food are not cheap at all, similar to SG price. (I mentioned this before!) I spent most of my money on food anyway.
  • Transports (cabs) are more expensive than SG. 
  • HK MTR has First Class (something like business class) cabin!! COOL.
  • Macau people are rude, extremely rude!!! But plenty of "ah sia kia", handsome ones!!! I don't like Macau anyway.
  • Eye opening experience becos I saw the protest going on, during our last night (yesterday). It was so bad till they shut Mongkok MTR station. However, it was not that exaggerating as what the news showed and no one seemed to be affected. Well, at least not for us.

This was where I stayed. 

The hotel is so huge and shiok!!! Even though is kinda out of town areas. But MTR is just beside, 3 mins walk, so it's very convenient.

Took MTR everywhere becos cab is really expensive. I'm very familiar with HK MTR map now. I can even bring you around leh. Not difficult actually, unless you're one super 路痴.

You can pay a little more to take their First Class cabin. This is so cool can. We didn't know they have this, we chanced upon it accidentally, and we didn't pay more (we only knew that need to pay more the next day). Luckily didn't get caught, lolol. 

2nd day; to Macau! 

Today's! Thank you Hyatt Regency Sha Tin for the pleasant stay and fantastic experience. I'll be back! My two babies, mommy is coming home soon! 

I went with 13kg, so I didn't really buy much. More stuffs for the kids and gifts, things for myself are countable, by fingers. 

1) A pair of jeans. 
2) 2 (on sale) tops. 
3) A pair of loafers. 
4) A bag (bought very last min).
5) 2 hp cases.

No more liao! But it's okay lah, I had plenty of good food and I'm very happy. This whole trip (plus shopping) costed me about, hmm, within $2K. More than $1K is on food & transport, lolol. (No joke, food is kinda expensive and very salty there!)

Oh, I managed to meet up with Victoria too! She brought us around to shop & eat for our last two nights. Thank you dear. See u in SG soon! ^.^

Vic asked me, "did anyone tell you before that you and Cheryl look alike?" Lolol

Well, even HK waiter asked if we're sisters, hahaha! 

With Vic's funny hongkie lil' friend. He's only 22, and super funny, I can't even. We looked like his background, he's actually taking photos of himself, hahaha! 

Thank you for accommodating me (and my friend) at such a budget amount and bringing me around! :) 

And oh, helping me to take photos while waiting for Cheryl to shop, lolol. I'll be like, "take photo take photo", and I told Cheryl I wanna caption "becos Cheryl is shopping, again" Hahahaha!

And if you're kpo, here are photos of the protest last night! 

Flight is landing soon... Welcome me back to reality!!!

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