Friday, November 21, 2014

First solo flight!

Hey, are you missing my craps already? Hahaha

I'm on the plane now, drinking wine, trying to make myself drunk and sleep becos I'm sitting in front of a family who yak loudly non stop.  

First time seeing this!!! People always tell me that it's dry on board but I didn't used to think so, cos I didn't experience it before. Now I know. Walao, I should have brought a hand cream along! Huge difference between 29 and 30 years old leh. Sigh, old liao! :( 
By the way...

Lolol! Becos it's $14, I had to eat it despite being very full already. My friend booked everything for me, and it includes this nasi lemak. 

Okay lah, 不错啦! Very small portion, won't be enough for big eaters but definitely enough for me. I was already full anyway.

Bo treated me to brunch just now. Thank you for the brunch & sending me off. 

First time taking flight alone & I'm actually quite cool about it. I stoned all the way becos I didn't have enough sleep. No excitement feel at all leh. (It's a budget trip for me & I didn't bring much $, let's see how I survive! If I didn't come back on the 26th, it's either I've joined the protest or I overspent, and no money to come back! Lol) 

(With my Invisalign on, the 9th set now.) 

But well, it proved one thing, I'm capable of being alone & I'm not a needy person. My happiness comes from myself and not from anyone else. It's a bonus if someone's willing to pamper me. But if there's no one, I can still live happily. 

Okay, I need to go to the ladies now! One more hour to go. Walao, so many turbulences!!! Before I go... 

Happy toddler on board! She's so cute and pretty, she has a pair of big round eyes! I love such non attention seeking kids. (She seeked more attention with her happy character and pretty looks actually!) 

And I'm very thankful to be seated next to a quiet, gentle and nice couple. They've been reading and reading. It will be a peaceful flight and I'd have sleep, if the family behind is less noisy. Sigh 



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  1. Wahhh your hand like 60 yr old. Lolol drink wine somemore


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