Sunday, November 2, 2014

Humans are stupid!

I think, I shouldn't blog about where I went and what I did anymore.

Becos some people are stupid, they only see "facts" based on surface. 

People who go back home late everyday, club till 4am every week, ignore the kids, sleep weekends away, but becos she keep her life very secretive, didn't mention those things she did, people said she's a good woman. #nopunintended

(Difference between GIVERS and TAKERS. Takers are usually the quiet one becos they don't have to give, what's there to complain/talk about?) 

While I'm being said selfish & slut. Yah right. Honestly HATE this kind of stupid and unfair statements. But it's okay. Maybe I'm the stupid one to be honest. 

I should make every posts about my kids, list out in details what I do, to "prove" that I'm spending all my time with them??? 


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  1. Hey, hang in there! There will always be detractors who want to take you down, but know that you are much worthier than they make you out to be! Been reading your blog for a few years, and I'm one of your silent readers who are rooting for you!


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