Friday, November 7, 2014


Had a great time today, I'm supposed to feel very very tired and should be KO-ing now, but I can't sleep. Am I too hungry? ℓσℓ

So, I decided to niam here. Haha 

Sometimes, I feel, 做人很难. 

I read somewhere before, that my horoscope is easily misunderstood by people but yet, I refused to explain myself. 

Found it!!!

It's kinda true. Sometimes, when I literally did NOTHING, people will still say it's my fault. 

And I'll be like, FUCK IT, my fault again ah? Ok lor. 

Till the extend, I already got numb of losing friends/people. Like, WHATEVER LAH! *roll eyes* 

Becos no matter what happened, there are still a handful of people who ℓσνє me for the way I am, and have always been there for me. 

And of cos, the sudden increased amount of readers I have now (300-400+ uniques daily), thank you for reading and always entertaining me. To me, it's quite an amount already becos I've never ever thought of getting famous/popular. As I've said, blogging is my passion, not my job and I've never taken it seriously before. I blog according to my mood. 

(FUCK MAN, I saw a cockroach crawling around!) 

People always ask and advise me to be specific on what I want my blog to be, like a beauty blog? Or lifestyle blog? Food blog? Or whatever? 

I find it kinda hard to explain what's my blog about, so I always say "I ANYHOW BLOG". And I don't see any need to change myself. 

Aiya, I'll just do whatever that makes me happy lah. If I don't feel like blogging, then I won't blog. If I'm not happy hanging out with you, then I don't meet. If I'm not happy to reply your msg, then I don't reply. (This is so Meimei!! Lol) 

I didn't blog to become famous, I blog becos I like it. I don't need any attention, in fact, I hate it. 

The real attention seekers are those who announced everything to everyone on FB/IG/Twitter daily. Уєѕ, everything, literally. 

Like, "omg, I'm so sleepy cos I only sleep for one hour." 

For fuck sake, what's your purpose of telling everyone about it? So that people will pity you? 

And well, unfollowing or deleting me away on social medias have no effect on me if I've already decided to get you out of my life. Rest assured that I'll never add you back again. There's no sunshine after rain in my dictionary.

Уєѕ, I'll just forgive and forget you as a friend. 

Sorry, but уєѕ, I'VE NO LACK OF FRIENDS. And I don't bother much about my readers/followers number. 

Like you know, go away lah, I don't need you in my life too. Becos when I'm nice, you took it for granted. So, I don't see the need to be nice again. Not happy with my attitude? Then just leave me alone, I didn't beg u to like/read/follow me, did I? 

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