Thursday, November 20, 2014

Just Education


Sorry for the lack of update, here's a short post before I leave for my holiday! Woohoo! A short one becos I've just started packing my luggage and halfway through, I got sian and don't feel like packing liao. After this then continue.

So, I posted this on my FB page last week, asking if any mummies would like to join me at this (FOC) event. Too bad nobody RSVP, probably cos the timing is abit weird? Or you're shy? But you've definitely missed out plenty of useful information! 

I put the flowers from Anonymous into good use, lolol.
Here's a short intro about Just Education...
Life-long Learning is Powerful Magic
Learning centre founded by professional magician with Maths degree teaches Maths and Science through magic. Unique life-coaching workshops empower students with competitive edge over peers.

Just Education is not your average tuition or enrichment centre. After all, how many centres hold regular workshops to teach students how to empower their lives, develop powerful memories, design goals independently, and discover the fun in Maths and Science through magic? For that matter, how many centres have a professional magician holding an EMBA and double mathematics degree at its helm?

Designed to be fun while equipping students with important, long-lasting life skills, participants learn how to train their memory, harness their creativity, have a "millionaire mindset", acquire leadership skills, gain a competitive edge, or develop new levels of appreciation for Maths and Science concepts via magic.

(These workshops have proved so popular and successful that Just Education has been invited by schools to conduct selected workshops during term time.)
Yup, it's indeed interesting! I literally went "WOW, MAGIC" when I saw Mr Francis Ang performed his "magics", which he later revealed and explained that it's actually using Science to do it. Here's a short video to let you WOW too...

Hahahah, yesh yesh, he's very good looking.
(You see, I really blog rubbish!!!)
Anyway, I was too engrossed in the magic so I've no idea what he explained, but it has something to do with Science, I sucks at Science by the way. I hate Science cos I never ever do well in this subject before. I only remember I broke plenty of test tubes during my Science lessons and I need to compensate! -.-

Well, I'm considering to enrol Raeann into either "Just Young Magician" or "Just Young Scientist I" now. I'm very very sure she will love it. Will call them up when I come back from HK.

And if you're interested to find out more about Just Education, please visit or their Facebook page at

Just Education operates across 15 centres in Singapore. So, do not worry about have to travel far cos you can definitely find one of their centre near your place! :)

Genius is 1% talent and 99% hard work. -Albert Einstein
Love the above quote!!! Thank you for the invite and goodie bag. It's my pleasure to be there, sorry that I was so late due to heavy rain. 
(Okay guys, I need to go now. Byebye, don't miss me too much hor! LOL)


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