Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kids nowadays...

OMFG! You will be SHOCKED by them.

Just now, Raeann suddenly popped me this question, very randomly... 

"Mummy, can you faster go and find a boyfriend?" 

I was like, "HUH???" 

Me: If I've a boyfriend, you very happy meh? 
R: Yah... Then we can go out together. 
Me: Your daddy no good meh? He loves both of you so much.
R: He's good to us, but he's no good to you. 
Me: HMM. Later he don't buy things for you liao. 
R: NVM lah. Can ask your new bf to buy for us!

That's why I always say, anyone can do the "buying things" job. And you can easily be replaced if you don't play your role properly. 

She insisted that her dad has a new gf already...

R: And you're alone! 
Me: I'm not alone what, I have you and Meimei! 
R: But you need a man to protect you!!!

Wah. She really left me speechless lor! I swear these are what she said, on her own, nobody will teach her to say all these lah.

No wonder there's a saying goes, "the best way to ℓσνє your children, is to ℓσνє their mother." It reflects a lot on them.

Kids like Raeann, who watch & learn tons of craps from TV, are very sensitive and they know a lot, even when they appear otherwise. 

I'm so afraid that she will keep things to herself so I make it a point to talk to her everyday. 

And I told her this...

"You and Meimei always fight, make me angry, I think I'll die at 40 years old." 

She cried.

R: Can you live till 100 years old? I promise I won't make you angry anymore. Please don't die so early. You gonna stay with us till we grow old. 

How to not ℓσνє her? She's sucha sweetie. 

P/S: But that Meimei bo chup at all, singing happily to her Carebears, lolol. 

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