Tuesday, November 4, 2014


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Remember I mentioned before I can't bear to spend large amount on skincare products? Ahhhh... SNAILWHITE is one of them which I've been aiming and thinking, cos so many people are raving about it!!! And thus, when my manager msg me to ask if I wanna review about it, I agreed immediately.
Koreans are all crazy over cosmetic products made with Snail Secretion Filtrate, for they do wonders to your skin! SNAILWHITE, which makes the bestseller Snail Secretion Filtrate facial cream in Thailand, Hong Kong and Malaysia is now available in Singapore!

Black Box has teamed up with Bebe Blancthe exclusive distributor for SNAILWHITE in Singapore, to bring you The SNAILWHITE Box; a limited trial box containing a full size SYN-AKE MIST and other items worth $87. You can get these limited edition boxes at only $39.90* each! *While Stocks Last

And these are what's inside the box. It includes...

A retail size (100ml) Syn-Ake Mist which already cost S$65.

Syn-Ake mist is very light and refreshing, therefore it feels very comfortable on my skin. It helps makeup to sit longer and well. Not only that, it firms and lifts up saggy skin too! I like such lightweight product because I dislike the sticky/oily feel on my face/body, which will cause makeup to be very messy.

(I heard that Syn-Ake mist always get OOS, so it's such a good chance to get it now!!!)

1 sheet of Mask Shot @ S$11/sheet.

Mask shot is very popular among all the beauty gurus, so need I say more?

And 3 sachets of SNAILWHITE Facial Cream.

Do not judge a cream by it's look. This facial cream may look very thick but it's also another lightweight product by SNAILWHITE. I used it as a moisturizer before putting make up, and I followed their instruction by patting it on my face gently. It's not sticky nor oily at all, and it absorbs into my skin in split second. 

I've not been putting moisturizer for a long time becos I can't find a suitable one for my skin. It's always either too sticky or oily or it caused breakouts. I finally found one I like now!!! 

Get The SNAILWHITE Box (worth $87) at only $39.90 now! 
Grab it fast because only limited boxes available!

The SNAILWHITE Box is available exclusively at:
Black Box Qoo10 Store: http://list.qoo10.sg/item/SNAILWHITE-SNAILWHITE-LIMITED-EXCLUSIVE-BOX/420034579?sellerview=on
Black Box E-Store: http://www.blackbox.sg/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=43

Website: www.BlackBox.sg
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BlackBoxSG
Instagram: http://instagram.com/BlackBoxSG
YouTube: www.youtube.com/BlackBoxSGchannel

Website: www.bebeblanc.com.sg
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BEBEBLANCSG
Instagram: http://instagram.com/bebeblancsg

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