Friday, November 14, 2014

Yay! School holiday!

To all the hands-on parents out there, HOORAY, it's the school holiday again. Which means, no morning rush, no need to niam keng and no pekchek. If you're the one doing, you will understand what I mean.

Both kids dismissed early today and my aunt went for holiday, so I've to take care of them. 

And remember the $50 voucher I won from WCP during Meimei's birthday? (Did I mention it here before?) It gonna expire in another 1 week plus...

Thus, we are back here again!! I won the voucher using Meimei's photo, so it's fair that I used it on them. Meimei is kinda sway lah, cos she tio banged till panda eye at Alexis's birthday last week.

And she just got it again, on the same spot! But at such places, such things bound to happen one lah. What to do, want to play have to learn to take care of themselves lor.

No worries, she can be calmed down easily, with food! Lolol (Yup, I brought my laptop along cos I think I'll be damn bored alone & they have free Wi-Fi here! Actually Uncle gay want to come and meet us de, but maybe I've to go hospital in the evening, so I tell him next time lah!)

She said the crepe is roti prata. Hahahaha

One thing I didn't expect is, there are so many people on weekdays ($20 unlimited), most are foreigners though. Japanese on my left and Korean on my right. 

And that annoying kid finally left. She has been screaming and shouting all the way since I stepped in here, it was so damn sharp till my ear drum almost tear. 

Alright, I do understand the agony of having such kids and as a mom, I shouldn't and WILL NOT give such a comment. 

But the mom is so annoying as well. Sitting there, act 一个 high class, in her own world & keep staring at me (reflection from my laptop screen). While her poor helper has to bear with all her kid's nonsense and stares from strangers. 

I do not have a personal helper so I've no idea how issit like. Does having one means having the privilege to live in their own world? Like you can totally heck care everything & just dump it to the helper?

One thing for sure, I'll not allow my kids to constantly scream, neither in public, nor at home. I can't tolerate screaming kids. Meimei used to have this habit, but she didn't escape any punishment when she does that, if I'm around. She does it lesser now.

Aiya, since they've left, I shall stop here. Cos I want to go into another topic!!! LOLOL

The aunty (who cooked all the food here) came to talk to Meimei, and asked me how old is she, she also asked if I've only one kid? I told her that Jiejie is playing inside, and is 7 years old this year.

She went "WOW" with her two big eyes staring at me.


Told her I'm already 30 (I'm very honest one!). She said, "WOW, 看不出 LEH. I THOUGHT YOU ARE 23-24 ONLY!"


Aunty definitely made my day, lolol.

And this, has keep me smiling since last night. It's so beautiful, I can't even. I just can't stop admiring it, spammed about 50 (or more?) photos liao. It should be the MOST beautiful bouquet I've ever received before. This "anonymous" really 下重本 huh? And it's a very successful surprise this time round, I was totally unprepared. LOL
谢了! ^.^
(These photos are taken today, I already took plenty of it last night! Hahaha)


  1. Hi,
    I was watching 118 online. I think I saw your sister in episode 7. Is it really her? I might have seen wrongly.


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