Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Wow, 2014 has been the MOST challenging year in my entire life, till date! Faced many ups and downs & made a few major life changing decisions. 

I'm not gonna list out everything, becos unhappy things are not worth mentioning and remembering, at all! 

But overall...

(And it's all that matters!)

To my family, friends & readers, THANK YOU.
To all the people who are part of it (be it good or bad), THANK YOU.
To all the unhappy/sad/bad things that happened, THANK YOU.
To all the happy/lucky things that happened, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

I prayed for a peaceful and happy 2015 for everyone around the world. Please let natural disasters be lesser. Stay bless, safe and healthy, everyone!  =D

HAPPY 2015!!! Let's all make it a great one! =)

On a side note, my X'mas is still not over yet...

Thank you for all the love! :)

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Za MEN Event


Date: 18th December 2014, Thursday
Venue: Shiseido Beauty Studio

I was asked to bring a male friend along. But, I WENT WITH THE WRONG PERSON LAH. He really annoyed me very much that day, wtf. I regret asking him along. No more next time!

Who says Beauty is only for ladies?


I'm so glad to be a part of Splash Media aka Black Box. I might not be popular, but I do not wish to be famous for the wrong reason. Even though every influencer of Black Box works individually (and not as a family, but that's becos we're all really busy), we still get along amicably during events. That's enough. All in all, I thank Black Box for giving me this opportunity! :)

The NEW Black Box

Sponsored Review

OH MY GOODNESS! I just went into and saw their new facelift, it looks so classy now. I'm still figuring how it works as an editor though.

I've many backdated posts about Black Box, so so so sorry about it.

First of all, thank you for this giant Black Box sent to me about a month ago.
(My Meimei can pose very well hor? LOL)

My review of some of the products are already up on the site. Check 'em out ya? 

I do really try out the products before doing a review. 

Hop over to to take a look, I bet you will be impressed!

Malacca on Mommy's Birthday

LOL, my mom complained to me about my dad this morning. Cos we went in two cars, so my clan came back very happy (even though very tired) while that clan came back in black face. MY DAD IS BANNED, in future, hahahahaha!!! 

Actually, he didn't say he wanted to go de lor. That's why I only booked 2 pathetic rooms. Then he last minute say he wanted to go, and by the time, all the hotels were fully booked. 

We planned to set off at 6am sharp to avoid the mega jam, but everyone molly abit here and there, ended up 30 mins late. Considered not bad liao. Cos it can be 3 hours instead. But it's confirm not me, I'm a very punctual person, and I dislike letting people wait for me (except ZY cos he everytime sleep and sleep, so I'll molly lor).

Stopped by Yong Peng for our breakfast!


I honestly have no idea what's the rave about Melaka's Chicken Rice ball becos I think it's not nice at all. My dad's friend said this is the best there, but it's still not nice leh??? (I'm not fussy about food one!)

The location is good, but the room is damn small!!!

Meimei got her wish - to visit Upin & Ipin's restaurant.

We literally eat non stop there. Eat until I so bloated and almost explode.


Food again. LOL