Monday, December 8, 2014

3 types of MEN I can't stand!

The msgs I received from Cheryl this afternoon inspired this post!

1) The simi LJ also want to kpo type.

Example: Your friend's personal marriage/family issue. 

Hello, what has it gotta do with you?

2) The simi LJ also post on FB type. 

Worse still, posting on FB on matters not concerning them, at all? Too free huh?

3) The super self pity/emo type. 

And they make sure everyone needs to know about it. 

I'm not saying that women don't do all these, but women are born bitchy, so it's normal. However, most women are a lot cooler than men now.
It's just not acceptable when men are doing the same ѕнιт lah. 
But still, if they don't step on my tail, I'll just ignore. If they do, in a non joking way, I'll not let them attack when they feel like it, no matter men or women, and get emo over what they said! (I told Cheryl this!) On the contrary, I'll get very aggressive. 
Becos I'll never go and provoke others first. But I'll never allow others to climb over my head. 

Some people are just kiam kan. And they will continue taking advantage if you don't show them that you're not any pushover.

This world will be a better place if people learnt how to just mind their own business. 

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  1. Couldnt agree more. I dislike those who likes to post how sick they are. Majiam want the whole world to ke lian them.


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