Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ah Yong Motor

Hello hello, I'm still alive, haha!

Just that I got a shock this morning on my way to work (and sending Raeann). My car vibrates like its gonna explode when I stop at junctions. However, the vibration is on and off, that's why when I sent it to workshop on Monday, they didn't detect anything wrong.

So I went to the workshop again just now and it's fixed. The filter (don't know what) is loose and they tighten it with screws. Best thing is, they didn't charge me at all! :)

For their honesty and integrity in doing business, I'm gonna intro them to all of you.
Ah Yong Motor
Blk 7 397J Woodlands Road S(678000)
I've been there a few times, and their charges are really reasonable. They won't anyhow "chop". I keep asking them if I need to change this or that anot, and they said, "still usable, don't need to change it yet".

I've been to other workshops (thou shall not name) and they're forever scarring me to change this and that. Or they will just change and charge me at exorbitant price. So yeah!

Anyway, my beloved forty five ninety nine is left with 6 months. I'm thinking if I should get another 2nd hand car? Or renew COE? Or don't drive anymore? A decision which involves plenty of cash, so it's not easy. Sigh

I don't need any chio car, I just need a transport. 

The Govt should come up with a scheme, like a rebate or something for people with kids? LOL

Wait 5000 years also won't happen. Migration will be a faster and better choice.

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