Friday, December 12, 2014


Okay, laugh all you want, becos alot of suay things happened (to me) today! If you're on my FB (or page), you'd have saw my posts! If not, nvm, I'm gonna blog about it now! It's probably a once in a lifetime experience!

• My car ki siao-ed early this morning!

I saw this light but I've no idea what went wrong? I sent this photo to the garage's boss. Before he called, my (dk what) meter has already shot up to "H". I went a big round and came back home. 
(It's the fan belt. Chui till cannot chui already. Total damages: $140, inclusive of tow! Not very cheap, I know, but reasonable!) 

I was advised to call a tow truck becos I can't risk driving all the way to the garage anymore. It will damage other parts as well. Towing business is very good today, I waited for about 2 hours lor!

• So, being the happy go lucky me, I still got the mood to meet my friend for lunch leh. I asked my bro to send me there, he asked me to take his car instead, but must be home by 2pm. 

• After that, another friend came to pick me up to see cars at Turf City! I really got the urge to just trade in and get a new car! 

I sot tio this new Honda (I forgot the name but it's newly launched!). Super swee, but super expensive! (Don't know why I still can be so happy leh?) 

• Then, I received a call from my bro, saying that his car needed to be tow too. LOLOL 

Okay lah! MAYBE it's me (much as I don't wish to believe), I'm the suay one, and I poon tio my bro. He's not angry though, only jokingly niam niam niam, becos we're on very good terms one! 

Anyway, even though I might be the suay one, I'm still feeling good and happy. Hahaha (Am I crazy? LOL) 
Well, one won't be suay or lucky forever lah! Most importantly, it's how you handle it. I didn't get emo or depressed over spilled milk. (I was only alittle frustrated and lost this morning becos all my plans got ruined!) I kept laughing away instead. Becos two (same family) cars got towed away at same location, on the same day! What are the odds? Hahahaha 

I'm blessed to meet good people, with all the helps rendered today! :) 日久见人心, 患难见真情.  
P/S: Best way to handle craps (people) - remain silent and continue to be happy.

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