Monday, December 1, 2014

Byebye HK!

Some leftover funny OR pretty OR cool pictures from the trip and it marks the end of my 6 days holiday in HK! 

Cakes and desserts there are really pretty!

Curry fishball; don't like it.

鸡蛋仔; can I say SG one taste better???

Honeycomb icecream; nothing special leh.

If you're seeking for your true love, please go to 黄大仙, follow the above instructions and pray to 月老. Desperate measure for desperate people, lolol. I DIDN'T DO THOSE STEPS HOR. I only pray simply. 

Remember this dog?? He's sucha fluffy ball, so damn cute!!!

I want that purple bling bling G-SHOCK leh!!!

Meimei asked me, "how come you didn't buy mummy pig?" Walao, I don't even know which is mummy pig leh. I thought "Peppa pig" is "papa pig" lor. At the age of 30, I still gotta learn about all the new cartoons. Raeann keep telling me about "Minecraft" since yesterday. I was like, "oh ok, oh ok", pretend to understand lah.

Thank you HK and all the people that make this trip possible and fun. I daren't say I love HK now, but I don't dislike it like last time anymore. Truth to be told, I LOVE TAIPEI MORE, and I miss that place so damn much. (Someone jio-ed me to go in Jan but I think if I go, my mom will kill me? Pocket also not deep enough leh! LOL) 

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