Monday, December 22, 2014

Embarking on a new career!

I'm a very neutral & peaceful person. I don't hate easily, neither will I start a conflict or go around to create any trouble.

(I'm one with actions more than words actually. That's why I always say "talk is cheap".) 

1) I've no time for crap (people). 
2) I've much better things to do. 

I've been so freaking busy lately till I neglected my kids. I tried to squeeze my time out for them despite being really tired. Everyone knows, my kids will always be my first priority. So, what makes some people think that I've time for them leh?

The thing about some men is, they hate you when they cannot get you. LOLOL! And they feel so happy when they see you down. So petty hor? But you think I bother? To be honest, I've no lack of males in my life. I can afford to 吊起来买 becos I'm not worried about having no man in my life as I can be alone too!

Prior to this, wow, some people are really fake to the max. 讲一套, 做另一套, lolol. Sorry ah, I'm not like that, so I really cannot stand people like that. When I dislike someone, I will not meet or hangout with him/her. And when I treat someone as my friend/precious people, I will not talk anything bad about him/her, at all.

I'm very open and honest about my own life. That's why I extremely hate it when I have to lie or hide, for whatever fucking reason. I'm very straight forward, and I really speak my mind. The way I type and the way I talk, is exactly the same.

My boss told me this that day...

"Given your outgoing character, you should have more male friends than female friends. Many females will see you as a threat. Becos as a mother of two, you're still able to maintain like that, and you're really independent and capable."

(Well, I'm not a very smart person. But I can be very hardworking when it comes to serious work. And if I'm determined to do something, I'll make sure I work hard for it!) 

Many people are trying to come into my life now. But I told all of them the same thing...

"I've no time for any relationship or men now and I don't want any commitment!"

Cos right now, at this moment, I ONLY HAVE ONE FOCUS, which is to "chiong" my career and be very successful. I give myself 3 years, to build up everything from scratch.

I'm going to embark on a new career soon. In another word, I'm gonna leave my parent's company which I've worked for more than 10 years, and go into something totally unrelated and unfamiliar. Call me lucky or whatever, I've a superb boss, who is so selfless and is so willing to teach me. Till now, I still think that everything's too good to be true.

You know, he's so powerful till...

Nothing to justify my driving skill. I'm still not familiar with this car.

I sent him this photo, he gave me one contact and said "you tell him that you're part of *** group (his group of companies), and ******* (his name) says charge $80". And it includes collecting my car and sending it back after spray.

(I asked around, everyone quoted me $100++, without the collecting/sending service!)

I'm really stunned. Nobody, simply nobody tell me such things before. I know nobody so "powerful" like him before. Also, I'm too used to solving my own problem.

(My car has just been collected. And it's really $80, don't even need to bargain!)

He's so influential and he motivates me soooooooo much, becos I wished to be like him one day, earn (1/4 can liao) as much as him, lol. He's only 31, for god sake. How many people at 31 can be lidat, and it's not taking over from family. (I'm not gonna elaborate much about him, becos that's not my purpose of this post!)

He's not interested in me anyway. Becos he has no lack of girls flocking around him. And from day one I knew him, our conversations are all about car and work, lol.

I'm very excited, yet very scare at the same time. Becos being a super green horn, I don't know if I can meet his expectation or not. But I don't wanna think so far now, I just want to try & do my very best. I hope everything will go on smoothly. Wish me good luck! :)

P/S: So many things to blog about, I'll rush it out asap ok? 


  1. What's your new career path about? Your boss treat you damn good ! Its always good to have a good boss/ leader!


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