Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Emo mode on!

Le' sigh, I'M FEELING FUCKING EMO NOW, becos pinky is gonna leave me, latest by Friday (got potential buyer liao). I keep dragging and delaying the collection (and trade in) date becos I really can't bear to leave her. *cry*

I know, everyone is finding me lame and ridiculous. But I'm a cancerian mah, 重感情 one. 

Pinky is like my kid, which I've "supported" all alone for 9.5 years. 

Also, I honestly have no idea if I've made the right choice on the BMW not. Becos hor, my bro found (and is changing) another same one, slightly cheaper and better condition; exterior and interior. (I hate my caramel brown seats color, FML!)

But mine covered warranty on major parts till end of life, so it's about the same lah! Depreciation about $600 diff!

Please ah, I'm not feeling sour over anything, I asked my bro to get it becos it's worth (and helped him to neg too)! 

I'm just worried that I'll regret about my impulsive decision. Even though if I wanna back out now, it's still not too late.

But I'm lazy to go through the searching, viewing etc process again. (I've been going to Turf City everyday since last Friday!) It's such a waste of time. (Can see that I'm not a car lover!)

My initial plan was to look for a Honda Civic (I don't want hatch back!). But you know, depreciation of Civic is about the same as this BMW and OMV is lower. Which is why I painfully chosen this instead...

This was taken at Vicom today cos I paid $200 to send for a full inspection. I told them if the result is no good, I don't want the car. Better be safe than sorry. 

I've never like second hand cars, cos I don't know how the previous owner(s) treated the car. But I really cannot afford a new car now. 

Somehow I wonder, issit worth it or not, to empty bank account just to get a car? (I'm paying it all by myself! Luckily I've 50 + 5% NCD now!) 

But I need a car, for work and to shutter my kids around. I've always count my blessings that I'm still able to afford a car of my own. Nobody can take away anything from you, if you worked hard for it. (I thank god for loving me too, gave me "bonus", knowing that I need money! I'll continue to be good, nice and kind!) 

I hope I won't regret! Becos I can (will) only blame myself. (I dislike pointing fingers anyway! Be responsible for your own decisions & actions!) 


Goodness, I spent alot this year. Fantabulous 30, memories for life! 

"I'm gonna make the rest of my life, the BEST of my life!"

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