Sunday, November 30, 2014

Half day Macau - Day 2/6

Date: 22nd November 2014; Saturday

Think I didn't mention here before, the weather was so disappointing. I was expecting 15 degrees or at least, below 20 degrees. But sigh...

I can't wear all my thick chio clothes!

Before I start, I'd like to put a huge disclaimer that I DON'T LIKE MACAU, even though they have plenty of young and handsome 富二代, who only appear in the evening - night. LOL! But there are more reasons for me to dislike that place...
  1. I don't really like to gamble. (So, casino to me is just a building, I didn't even go in. I said that I'll go if time permits, if not, then forget it lor!)
  2. Overcrowded. Humans look like ants instead. (Maybe cos it's a Saturday!)
  3. People there are extremely RUDE! (Saw a lady who offered additional 100 or 200 MOP to the taxi driver on top of the fare, the driver just drove away and the lady damn dulan! ORBIGOOD lah, cos she tried to snatch our cabs!) 
  4. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO difficult to get a transport during peak hour. (They have no MRT, only bus. And bus was so overcrowded, there was no way to get up, at all. No cabs cos most drivers refused to work!)
  5. There's really nothing much there, only humans and pastry shops, so different from what I see on TV/movie, lol. 

Had cheap and simple HK breakfast near our hotel before we set off. Wanted to eat at Macau but we molly till too late. Due to the below issue lah...

I received a call from Singtel two weeks before I left for HK, the lady told me that I need not activate anything, just on my data roam and so I followed her instruction but I received this sms... I only on it for 1 min... FIFTY DOLLARS?!?!?! OMFG. I asked Jane to walk back to the hotel to tap wifi to msg my mom. Asked her to call and scold them when she's free, lolol. (Cos calling from HK is too expensive!)

We took this ferry to Macau, which is good, cos they are more ZAI.

Reached, and took a free shuttle bus to Venetian hotel. 

Then took a cab to their city area. I DIDN'T KNOW MACAU IS SO HUGE CAN!

The famous tourist spot - Historic Centre of Macao (in the area of 大三芭 Da San Ba).

We reached around 1+pm and this was NOT consider crowded YET.

Their infamous - Pork chop bun.

Ha! Santa came out too early!

Started to get VERY crowded.

Thank god I managed to eat one before the horrible crowds came.

If you watched HK dramas, you will know this pastry shop!

YOU SEE! It's soooooooooo crowded till we can't see or buy anything. We were pushed to walk and follow the flow. CAN YOU IMAGINE??? Walao eh...

This was where the cab dropped us, we went back there to get a cab back. There was a long q for cab, but no cab at all. So we walked back to the central area...

Still no cab though. Then Jane suggested walking to another side, near the bus stop, also no cab.

Then she suggested walking to the hotel, ALSO NO CAB (But super long cab q everywhere!)

Walked to this shopping mall again, ALSO NO CAB LAH, TMD! And this was where we saw the nasty cab driver drove away, lolol. NO CAB and Jane was getting so worried despite telling her that last ferry is at 12am mah. She said want to take the overcrowded bus. I was like "OMG, can a cab faster come??", hahahaha! 

And finally, god heard my prayers, GOT A CAB!!! But he chopped us HKD100. Bo bian lor, give lor, what to do, they big shot what. (I know this post sounds like the "story of our cab hunt" instead, haha!)

SALA gate? LOL

Took this ferry back to Kowloon instead. Wah, PLEASE, NEVER EVER TAKE THIS FERRY, THEY DAMN BUAY ZAI, shake and shake till both of us feel like vomiting so much. FYI, I do not have any sea sick or whatsoever de hor. I'm born to travel, I think, LOLOL. 


It was a bad and unforgettable experience.

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