Sunday, December 14, 2014

大家一起 HUAT! :)

Unknowingly, I became "Santa" to my friends today. Becos I posted this on Friday...

My car plate; 4599. 

2nd prize today!

Well, I don't buy alot of 4d, so I didn't strike a lot. All my friends struck more than me, but I'm happy enough. Becos I was still feeling very very emo this afternoon...

As I went to pay the deposit of another car and I'm gonna bid bye bye to 4599 soon. I was really very very sad! :( 

(Which I later locked the post cos I don't want people to say I hao lian! Becos it's really nothing to boast about!) 

I'm gonna get this lah! And I told myself, if 4599 open top 3 today, I'll retain the car plate!!! My wish came true! Thank you God! :) 

So happy till I keep shivering leh. Cos I "upgraded" my bet this week. First time strike so much!!! But all the amount gonna go to the downpayment of the BMW though! :( 

When I first got this car, the number opened 2nd prize within 3 months. And as of today, it is left with 7 months lifespan, it opened 2nd prize again. A perfect closure for pinky, which has stayed with me for 9.5 years. I'll definitely miss you much. You know I love you, I really do! 

Congrats to all my friends who got poon tio! 大家一起 HAPPY, 一起 HUAT!!! (One friend struck $60+K, wtf! Another friend asked me to choose something within $500, should I thank him or my car? LOL) 

My phone is exploding!!! 

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