Sunday, December 28, 2014

JB (Tuas) custom is crap!

(The way I msg to everyone is the same, even my mommy!)

They were supposed to reach earlier cos they left the petrol kiosk 15-20 mins earlier than me as we went to pack food home. 

Luckily I saw my bro's msg while packing food. My dad was already stuck in the middle, inside the jam. I did a mega cut & squeeze via bus lane, so I managed to cross both customs in 40 mins! 

I'm not a noob lady driver by the way, that's why I hate it when men always criticise lady drivers. Like oh pls, some men are worse can!

Anyway, I SURVIVED THE RIDE!! We returned safe and sound, including my car. I drove for around 14 hours in two days, very very tiring. 

This trip wasn't really enjoyable. Not sure if it's becos of the rainy weather there? (And we were unable to shop!) Or the tiny hotel room? (Everywhere were fully booked!) Or the two terrible kids?? (Especially cranky whiny Meimei!) 

Thank god it's over. Thankful for the smooth and safe journey along the way. We kinda lost our way when coming back, ended up in Muar, lolol. Cos my dad and his Melaka friend (who is leading us the way) zoomed off very fast & I had to pump petrol! So we lost them in the middle of nowhere! Luckily got GPS!!! Lolol 

The kids asked, "can we go again?" I was like omg, don't kid me anymore. Lolol, that was how scary it is!!! 

Can go lah, but not during the school holiday. The jam and the crowd are horrible!!! 

I've plenty of backdated posts! But I'm really busy and tired. I need a rest now! 

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